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March 29, 2013 Friday - one day trip from Hong Kong -
Macau belongs to China, but there is no visa mostly neccessary - as an European I did not needed a visa. The currency on Macau is called Pataca, but they do accept also Hong Kong Dollar.
Macau can be reached by ship. Macau offers lots of shopping and historical buildings and temples as well as Hard Rock Cafe, “Little Las Vegas” etc.

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The seats and the view on the ship are quite nice and the ticket includes a small meal.
Macau 01

Hong Kong
Macau 02

Macau 03

Macau 04

Arriving at Macau
Macau 05

Taking the bus to town
Macau 06

Bus to the area of Ruins of St. Paul’s, Old City Wall, Na Tcha Temple: Bus No.10, 10A, 11, 21A, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8A, 26A or 33 and debus at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro and then walk down the Senado Square. Bus No. 17, 18, 8A, or 26 and debus at Camoes Square Station and walk along the tiled road for a few minutes.

Walking to the historic town towards the Ruins of St. Paul’s ChurchMacau 07

Macau 10

Macau 08

Macau 09

Macau 12

Macau 11 Macau 13 McDonalds Asia China Macau 01  Macau 14 McDonalds Asia China Macau 02

Macau 15    Macau 15 02

Macau 16

Macau 17

Macau 18

Macau 19

Macau 20

Macau 21

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Built from 1582 to 1602 by the Jesuits, it was one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia, destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835. It now consist of the southern stone fašade, intricately carved between 1620 & 1627 by Japanese Christians in exile from their homeland & local craftsmen under the direction of Italian Jesuit Carlo Spinola & the crypts of the Jesuits who established and maintained the Cathedral. The fašade sits on a small hill, 66 stone steps leading up to it. The carvings include Jesuit images with Oriental themes, such as a woman stepping on a seven-headed hydra, described by Chinese characters as ' Holy Mother tramples the heads of the dragon'. A few of the others are the founders of the Jesuit Order, the conquest of Death by Jesus & at the very top, a dove with wings outstretched.

Macau 22

Macau 23 

Macau 24

Macau 25

Macau 26

Macau 27 Crypta

Macau 28

Macau 29

Macau 31Macau 30

Macau 32            Macau 33

Macau 34

Macau 35     Macau 36

Macau 37

Macau 39 Macau 38

Walking up to the Fortress

Macau 42

Macau 41Macau 40 PadreMatteoRicciSJ


Macau 48 Macau 43

Macau 44

Macau 45

Macau 46

Big Building to the left: Grand Lisboa
Macau 47 GrandLisboaBigBldg

Macau 49

Macau 50   Macau 55

Macau 51

Macau 52

Macau 53

Macau 54

Macau 56

A concert next to the fortress museum
Macau 57

Macau 58

Macau 59 Millstone

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