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costa-rica-flag C o s t a  R i c a

I had a great chance to visit my friends in Costa Rica in May 2013. It was my first time and also the first time being in that part of America - Central America.
A big thanks to both of them and especially to Miguel spending the whole day with me and driving me around. My friends live in Escaz˙ close to San Jose. I enjoyed day trips in that area and like a 2 hours up to 3 hours drive outside of San Jose.

May 17, 2013

Going up to catch a view of San Jose/San Pedro but ended up rather taking pics of a cemetery.

CostaRica 01

CostaRica 02

CostaRica 03


CostaRica 04


This waterfall is one of the three waterfalls within the Las Paz Waterfall Gardens (visited a few days later - pics on other pages)
CostaRica 05

CostaRica 06





Crater Principal, 2574 meter within the Poßs Volcano National Park - unfortunately, there was no good view to see the crater which holds still some water

Also the lagoon was covered by fog. There is also no way to get direct to the lagoon. You can only enjoy the view from a distance.
CostaRica 07

CostaRica 08

May 20, 2013   crocodiles.

CostaRica 09

CostaRica 10

CostaRica 11

CostaRica 12

CostaRica 13

Parque Nacional Volcan Irazu             May 21, 2013

got his breakfast out of the wooden garbage cans. He moved one of the panels aside and grabbed inside. He knows what to do
CostaRica 33

CostaRica 14

CostaRica 15

Crater Principal 300 meters deep, 1050 meters diameters
CostaRica 16

CostaRica 17

CostaRica 18

Going to the highest point of the park, 3432 meters- great view over two volcanos we saw before from close up. And up here we are even with the clouds....
CostaRica 19

CostaRica 20


CostaRica 21

CostaRica 22

CostaRica 32

May 23, 2013

My friend and I wanna walk through a rain forest today and decided to go to Carara’s where we can see some wild animals.
Beware of the snakes. Those are highly poisend. After bitten, you only have 4 hours to live. There is a hospital in San Jose you can reach within 2 hours.
There are guides present to book. They carry emergency kit, but these shots can lead to death as well. When bitten, you should also tell the hospital which snake bit you in order to treat you right.

CostaRica 23

CostaRica 24

CostaRica 25

CostaRica 26

We were called by a guide to watch this snake eating a lizzard. The guide was really happy to see all this happening. He saw how the snake grabbed the lizzard.
CostaRica 27

CostaRica 28

Going to Catarata the highest watefall in Costa Rica (tourist fee about 20 Dollars)

CostaRica 29

Catarata Waterfall

CostaRica 34

CostaRica 43

Templo Waterfall
CostaRica 35

CostaRica 36

CostaRica 38

Templo Waterfall, 26 meters, 85 feet
CostaRica 37

Magia Blanca Waterfal, 37 meters, 120 feet
CostaRica 39

CostaRica 40

CostaRica 41

  the poor area called favela close to Escaz˙ - mostly foreigners live here, not Ticos
CostaRica 42

My host took me to his secret spot. A small waterfall at the beach. It was very steep and I got a bit scared again. hahaha. The cutest thing happend when we got out
of our car. Some dogs came to great us. One small dog didnt leave. He just followed us down to the beach. It was so cute as he always waited for me to come down
or going up. He did not move from my side until we came back safely back up the hill. He was so cool and cute.
CostaRica 44

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