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Frankreich besuchte ich mit einem Teil meiner Familie im Sommer 2012. Der Anlass war der Geburtstag meines kleinen Neffens. Ich habe ihn zum 6. für 2 Nächte ins Disneyland eingeladen. Es war sein 1. Mal und er war begeistert.
I have visited France for the very fist time in summer 2012 with  apart of my family. I have invited my lil nephew for his 6th birthday to Disneyland for 2 nights.It was his first Disney experience and he just loved it.

Disneyland August 2012
Fontainebleau October 2014
Maincy October 2014
(Castle) Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte


Von Deutschland nach Paris mit dem Zug / From Germany to Paris with the train...

F Paris 09

F Paris 10

Ey, was für ein Bus?  SAUF BUS??? :-)
F Paris 14

October 2, 2014


Eglise Saint Etienne,
Die Kirche ist aus dem Jahr 1664. In 1880 wurde das Dach auf Stil aus dem 14. Jh. restoriert. Die Treppe stammt aus dem 12. Jh, Das Portal und der Altar stammen aus der Renaissance.
Die Kapelle und die Fenster sind aus dem 17. Jh.
Leider ist mal wieder auch diese Kirche geschlossen. Von Innen konnte ich es somit leider nicht besichtigen.

France 01

France 02

(Castle) Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte

The palace was built from 1658 to 1661 for Nicolas Fouquet, the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV. Foquet for the first time brought together the team of Louis Le Vau, André le Nôtre, and Charles Le Brun to create the palace. This trio started the "Louis XIV style". The king himself hired them to create Versailles.
Foquet was kinda quite dumb in inviting also the king Louis to a big party at the newly built castle. I guess he wanted to show off. The king got jealous as this castle was equipped with such luxury and more prestige than the one of the king. Fouquet was shortly arrested for supposed embezzlement, and was sentenced to life. The house was later owned by Marshal Villars, the family of Duke of Praslin, and Alfred Sommier. The castle was abandoned for about 30 years. Then it was auctioned off to the family of the curren owners Patrice and Cristina de Vogüé, the Comte et Comtesse de Vogüé. Thanks to the recent owners the house and gardens has been restored to it's current beautiful state.

F Maincy Schloss_Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte 01

A tip ahead. When you enter the gardens, there is on the right hand side of the castle a place where you can rent a golf cart to drive around the premisses. I would recommend it!
The garden is kinda big and you can also drive to the end and around to go to the other side of the river!

France 04

France 03

view out of the window
France 12

Louis XV bedroom
A carved giltwood bed stamped Leroy, cabinet-maker (1720-1780), a set of beechwood seat-furniture covered in “petit point” needlework, a Louis XV ormolu mounted with
tortoise shells and stamped by Migeon, cabinet-maker (1701-1758), Louis XV giltwood child’s armchair, piece of lacquerware
France 07

Louis XVI bedroom
Paintings: The Duke of Praslin (who bought Vaux in 1764) by Roslin’s workshop, pair of aquatint portraits of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette
Furniture: A Louis XVI painted alcove-bed, a Louis XVI painted day-bed stamped by Jacob, cabinet-maker (1739-1815), a pair of Louis XVI grey-painted beech lyre chairs,
a XVIIth century bedside table made of mahogany, a XVIIth century chest of drawers.
France 08

The castle was also used as a “hospital” in times of war. There are pictures and other items on display.
1918 - Germaine Sommier, in recognition of her work as head of Auxiliary Hospital No. 23, was named to the order of the French Army as follows: “Since the beginning of hostilities,
has provided management and maintenance of Auxiliary Hosptial No. 23, which she founded and in which she created an outstanding surgery ward for serious injuries. In all circumstances,
never ceased to display the greatest dedication, exerting herself with zeal and untiring energy, and setting everyone the finest example of self-sacrifice in the performance of her duty as a nurse,
at the bedsides of the wounded entrusted to her care.”

Paying an extra 3 Euros to go up the Dome to enjoy the view. As you can see from the pic below, the part above the dome to the tower is made of wood.
France 10

France 11

France 13

France 14

The current owner cannot take care of all parts of the castle/house. The current owner’s family lives in the castle. They have their so called appartment here.
As you will see, some parts of the building are still in demand of repair. The family also sells their high priced books from the old library in order to get some money for
restoration of the castle.

The older brother of King Louis was captured over 30 years!
F Maincy Schloss_Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte 35

France 15

France 16

France 09

France 17


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