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Wetzler Dom

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Über diese Kerben wird gesagt, dass diese von den Kirchgängern stammen könnte. Damals trugen viele Männer ein Messer. Da aber Waffen in der Kirche verboten waren, mussten sie ihre Messer am Eingang “entschärfen”.
About the nicks in the church’s wall it is believed that the men in those days had to unsharpen their knives before entering the church. It
was forbidden to wear weapons within the church.

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These columns are  standing opposite of each other. If you look closely, you will see that  their shape is different. Those side of the church are built in  different years.
They even paint the lines to make them look real and to appear bigger and to make the stones appear the same size.
The church does not have the right size in length. It is shorter than it should be.

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Um 1500 Wohnhaus des Nassauischen Untervogtes Eberhard Stommel Evang. Pfarrhaus von 1542-1910
About 1500 dwelling house of the Nassauischen Untervogtes Eberhard Stommel Evang. Parsonage from 1542-1910

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