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population about 80 000, still quiet and surrounded by nature, lakes, canals

kinda typical german neighbourhood
G NOH 01

the city
G NOH 02

October 2013
G NOH 80

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German sausages
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G NOH 16

G NOH 17 Reichenbachbrücke

G NOH 18

G NOH 20

G NOH 21

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G NOH 23

bus station
G NOH 24

G NOH 83

The Ice cream shop I always went to. Owner are italians.
G NOH 81

G NOH 82

Kirmes - October 27, 2013

G NOH 66

G NOH 67

lost a tooth in my childhood with riding those
G NOH 68

G NOH 69

G NOH 70

G NOH 71

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G NOH 73

G NOH 74

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G NOH 76

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G NOH 78

G NOH 79

The lake / Vechte See

G NOH 84

G NOH 64

G NOH 63

G NOH 62

The hotel and restaurant at the lake
G NOH 65

G NOH 61


G NOH 25

G NOH 26

G NOH 27

A Club house
G NOH 28

Sued/Nord Kanal   South/North Canal
G NOH 29 D NOH SüdNordKanal_EmsVechteKanal

G NOH 30

G NOH 31

G NOH 32

G NOH 33

G NOH 34

G NOH 35

Maisfeld   corn field
G NOH 36

G NOH 37

G NOH 38

G NOH 39

a very old abandoned home
G NOH 40

G NOH 41   G NOH 42

October 2013

Der alte Bahnhof  / The former train station
G NOH 43 2013

G NOH 44

G NOH 45

G NOH 46   G NOH 52

Verwaltungsgebaeude 1921/36. Zwischen 1921-1936 fuer das Textilunternehmen Niehues & Duetting nach Entwuerfen des Stuttgarter Industriearchitekten Baurat Philipp Jakob Manz errichtetes Verwaltungsgebaeude. Fassaden im neoklassizistischen Stil mit einer Kolossalordnung aus Halbsaeulen ueber zwei Geschosse. Umbau und Sanierung 2005/07.
G NOH 48

G NOH 49

Ehemaliges Ballenlager 1921/23. Mit dem benachbarten Verwaltungsgebaeude als Kopfbau fuer das Fabrikgelaende des Textilunternehmen Niehues & Duetting errichtetes ehemaliges Ballenlager. Enwurf durch den Stuttgarter Industriearchitekten Baurat Philipp Jakob Manz.-Umbau zu Verwaltungsgebaeude 2006/07.
G NOH 51

Am Stadtring

G NOH 53

Altes Hallenbad / the former indoor pool
In September 2012 someone set fire just before the re-opening. In few years, it should reopen again.

G NOH 55

G NOH 54

Hotel am Stadtring - one of the best hotels in NordhornG NOH 56

G NOH 57

G NOH 58

Georgies has been around since I can think. Nice to see that the shop still exists. Music shop which sells also clothes.
G NOH 59

G NOH 60

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