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Pali Highway and Old Pali Road

HI 14072011 Pali Road sign


July 14, 2011           Some online infos

Pali Highway Lookout
(from here you can walk down to Alapena Pool. For this, plz walk back from the parking lot along the Highway and make your way
down left through the forest. You will hear the water immediately).

HI 14072011 PaliHwyLookout 01

HI 14072011 PaliHwyLookout 02

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Alapena Pool
they are located just next to the above location. Walk the street back where the car parking is. Find your way through the brunches down to the pool. Follow the sounds of the waterfall. There is no real way down there to describe. It is a hidden place.

HI 14072011 Kapena Pool 01

HI 14072011 Kapena Pool 02

HI 14072011 Kapena Pool 03

HI 14072011 Kapena Pool 04

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Nuuanu Pali Lookout - parking 3 USD (pay at machine)

HI 14072011 NuuanuPaliLookout 02

The Pali tunnels are also movie location for racing scenes from Magnum P.I.
HI 14072011 NuuanuPaliLookout 03 MagnumPI

HI 14072011 NuuanuPaliLookout 04


Old Pali Road

Toho No Hikari, 3510 Nuuanu Pali Drive
From the webpage: Toho No Hikari in Honolulu, HI is a private company categorized under  Churches. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue  of unknown and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4. Companies  like Toho No Hikari usually offer:  Children's Ministry, Church Of The Brethren, Reformed Churches,  Church Of The Nazarene and Churchs.

HI 14072011 Toho No Hikari 3510 NuuanuPaliDrive 01

HI 14072011 Toho No Hikari 3510 NuuanuPaliDrive 02

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Queen Emma Summer Palace

Entrance Fee             online information

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HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 01

Inside pictures not allowed. Tour last for about 40 min. Afterwards you can go to the shop or wander around in the small garden.

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 08

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 03

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 04 candle nut tree

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 02

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 05

In the backyard I found one petroglyphs. Nobody really knows where the old petroglyphs are really located when asking, but one of the tour guides
pointed some trees out in their garden. I went to have a look and only found one left. Petroglyphs on Hawaii rather vanish due to vandalism.

between those trees in the middle I found some rocks with one petroglyph
HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 06

HI 14072011 QueenEmmaSummerPlace 07

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Valley of the Temples

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple 01

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple 02

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple 03

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple 04

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple 05


Byodo-in Temple      official webpage          entrance fee 3 USD

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 01

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 02

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 03

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 05

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 04

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 06

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 07

HI 13072011 ValleyOfTheTemple ByodoInTemple 09

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Waimea Valley

July 15, 2011   - Entrance fee (expensive)   -- Walking to the Waterfall (lifeguard present. Please see them before entering the pool)
Before entering you can visit ... (at the parking lot)

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 10 

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 13 Waimea Valley Hale O Lono Heiau

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 12     HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 11

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 15 Waimea Valley Hale O Lono Heiau 03   HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 14 Waimea Valley Hale O Lono Heiau 02


HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 01

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 02

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 03 HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 04

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 05

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 06

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 07

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 08

HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 09    HI 156072011 Waimea Valley 16 Waimea Valley Waterfall 01

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