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 Indien 45

Agra Red Fort        February 8, 2011

Indien 46

Indien 47

Indien 48

This path is so wide that elephants used it as well.
Indien 49

Indien 50

From up there the Mugal Emperor talked to the public
Indien 51

Indien 52

Indien 53

That marble seating was used by the Mogul. He had a good view of the place in front of him where it is said that a sort of
fishing game between men and women were played. That amused the Mogul.

Indien 63

Long distance view to the Taj Mahal
In this part of the Fort was the Mogul kept in prison by his son. The Mogul went so crazy by the death of his beloved wife Mumtaz
that his son had to lock him away. But the Mogul had a good view of the Taj Mahal which might be not really a nice gesture of his son.

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Indien 60

Indien 61

Indien 62


New Delhi

February 6, 2011

Indien 64

Indien 65

Government Area

Indien 66

Indien 67


Old Delhi

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Indien 71

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Indien 75

Indien 76

Old Delhi   Jama Masjid

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