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India Gate     February 7, 2011

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Shri Lakshmi Narain Temple    February 7, 2011

Dieser Tempel wurde für Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha Neu-Delhi von Shri Seth Raja Baldev Dass Birla gebaut. Alle Hindus, alle Zweige oder Shri Sanatan Dharam einschließlich Arya. Baudh Jain Sikh kann an der täglichen Anbetung teilnehmen, Satsanc und Kirtan in Übereinstimmung mit den Konventionen des Tempels in gegenseitiger Harmonie und gutem Willen. Dieser Tempel steht allen Hindus (einschließlich Harijans) offen, außer die an Infektionskrankheiten leiden. Bettler dürfen sich nicht in oder in der Nähe des Tempels aufhalten.
This temple is built for Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha New Delhi by Shri Seth Raja Baldev Dass Birla. All Hindus, all Branches o Shri Sanatan Dharam including Arya. Baudh Jain Sikh may participate in the daily worship, Satsanc and Kirtan in consonance with the conventions of the temple in mutual harmony and good will. This temple is open to all Hindus (including Harijans) subject to the persons suffering from infectious diseases and beggars are not allowed in or near the temple.

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Mon Qutub Minar (The Victory Tower)

The tallest brick minar in the world, 72 meters high, 14.32 meters in diameter at the base and 2.75 meters at the peak. The minaret’s construction started in 1200 A.D. by Qutub al-Din Aibak, who was also founder of the Delhi Sultanate. Within the complex is an area where students around the 12th and 13th century A.D. enjoyed to study. That area is called Madrasa.

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Tomb of Imam Zamin
according to the inscription over the southern doorway of this tomb, Imam Muhammad Ali or Imam Zamin came to Delhi from Turkestan in the reign of Sikandar Lodi (A.D. 1489-1517). He built this mausoleum in his life time and died in A.D. 1539. It is surmounted by a dome of sandstone covered with plaster and rising from an octagonal drum. Its sides are carved with perforated screens, characteristic of the Lodi Period.

 Wenn auf dem Grabstein ein langer Sockel platziert ist, ist es ein Grab eines Mannes.
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Red Fort     February 10, 2011

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Lodi Garden


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