“It might be too late to change the world, but it is never too late to see it”

Israel 02
Nabi Musa/Banias
Bet Shean
Dead Sea
Gaza City
Nabi Musa/Banias
North 2

Mini Israel

ISR Mini Israel 01

October 3, 2004 and October 29, 2005

ISR Mini Israel 02

ISR Mini Israel 04

ISR Mini Israel 05 ISR Mini Israel 06

ISR Mini Israel 11

ISR Mini Israel 12

ISR Mini Israel 13

ISR Mini Israel 14

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St. Johns Church in En Karem    August 7, 2005

ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 01 ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 02

ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 03 ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 04

ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 05 ISR En Karem_St Johns Church 07

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Beit Shemesh - Dripstone Cave
December 4, 2005

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ISR Limestone Cave 01

ISR Limestone Cave 02

ISR Limestone Cave 03   ISR Limestone Cave 06

ISR Limestone Cave 04    ISR Limestone Cave 05

ISR Limestone Cave 07

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July 9, 2003

Nativity Church
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The oldest continously operated Christian Church in the world.
Visited in the basement the grave of Helena and the birthplace of Jesus. In a hidden closed from public place, we have also seen the skulls and bones of men, women and children.

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 01  ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 02

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 03 Hieronymus  ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 04 door

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 06

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 07

Entrance to see the fourteen-point silver star, beneath the altar in the Grotto of the Nativity,
marks the traditional spot believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 09

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 10

Constantine's 4th century mosaic floor rediscovered in 1934
ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 11

Icon of Mary and Jesus inside the church                                                                                                                                                           
ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 12    ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 13

A locked door was open to us to show us the basement filled with skulls and bones of the killed women, men and children.ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 14

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 15  ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 16

ISR Bethlehem NativityChurch 17

Rosh ha-Nikra

Größere Kartenansicht 

located at the northern part of Israel just at the border to Lebanon

October 27, 2005, January 21, 2006, March 19, 2006

ISR RoshHaNikra 01  ISR RoshHaNikra 02

ISR RoshHaNikra 03

ISR RoshHaNikra 04

ISR RoshHaNikra 06

ISR RoshHaNikra 07

ISR RoshHaNikra 09

                           ISR RoshHaNikra 10     ISR RoshHaNikra 11

 ISR RoshHaNikra 12

ISR RoshHaNikra 13

when getting out of the caves you will have a great view at this...
ISR RoshHaNikra 14

ISR RoshHaNikra 15

ISR RoshHaNikra 16  ISR RoshHaNikra 17

ISR RoshHaNikra 20

ISR RoshHaNikra 22

Going to the beach

ISR RoshHaNikra 23

ISR RoshHaNikra 24

ISR RoshHaNikra 25

ISR RoshHaNikra 26

ISR RoshHaNikra 28

coast patrol
ISR RoshHaNikra 30

ISR RoshHaNikra 32    ISR RoshHaNikra 35

ISR RoshHaNikra 36

ISR RoshHaNikra 41

ISR RoshHaNikra 37

ISR RoshHaNikra 39  ISR RoshHaNikra 40

ISR RoshHaNikra 42

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