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Aomori Prefecture

Hirosaki Castle
Ippongiushiro Stone Composition Remains
Ito House
Kumoi No Taki
Old Tree
Osorezan Bodai-ji Temple
Sasamori House

Osorezan Bodai-ji Temple

This area is full with sulfur. Do not touch the surface nor the water. Be careful when walking around. Dont climb anything where you might slip and touch the surface.
Vorsicht mit dem Wasser und Boden, da Schwefel! Das Wasser ist nicht trinkbar und sollte auch nicht angefasst werden.

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Unfortunately, it is off season and therefore the temple is closed. Season starts rather in May.

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Because of off season and snow in the mountains and roads, the number 4 going from Lake Usori up north is closed. Had to go back and take 279.
Die Strasse 4, die vom See nördlich abgeht, ist leider geschlossen aufgrund Schneefall/ausserhalb der Saison ist. Daher fuhr ich ein Stück zurück und nahm die 279.

Okay, this is not a stuffed animal. First I really thought it is a statue and I passed it. That guy did not a move a bone. I turned my car to take clos- up pics. I was waiting for him to cross the street safely, but had to scare him off as cars came. Better safe then sorry.
Okay, das ist kein ausgestopftes Tier. Er bewegte sich überhaupt nicht, sodass ich wirklich erst dachte, dass es eine Statue ist. Jedenfalls stoppte ich das Auto und fuhr zurück, um eine Nahaufnahme zu machen.

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J Aomori 11

At the northest point in a town called OMA. Go to the extra page “lighthouses” (Leuchtturm). Am nördlichsten Punkt, in der Stadt Oma. Siehe auch Extraseite zu “Leuchttürme”.

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J Aomori 17

Wild apes are kinda everywhere and usually they run away from humans. To be safe, do not approach them nor feed.J Aomori 18

 From the small village OMA where the lighthouse can be viewed from, I drove then along the west coast going south. You can view pics of the lighthouse on my extra page “Leuchttürme/lighthouses”.
Von der Kleinstadt an der nördlichsten Spitze OMA, von wo aus man auch den Leuchtturm sehen kann, fuhr ich dann an der Westküste südlich weiter.
Fotos zum Leuchtturm können auf der Extraseite zu Leuchttürme/Lighthouses angesehen werden.


These great rocks of fifteen hundred metre of stretch along the coast can be viewed from close up. Some steps lead down to the beach. The clisffs are located in the village of Sai on Shimokita peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. They are designated as Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument. I loved to explore it and would say it is a must-do.

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see also extra page “Buddha/Kannon” for Aomori Kannon  /  Siehe auch Aomori Kannon auf der extra Seite “Buddha”Kannon”


Hirosaki Castle

弘前城 The castle is one of twelve existed original castle that remains since Sengoku period. The castle was constructed in 1611 by Tsugaru Tamenobu and his son Nobuhira. The only remaining parts from the Edo period are the gates and Tenshukaku. You can watch Sakura at the castle. It usually starts in ealry May, but mostly it is up to the weather when it is really starting.
Opening hours 9am - 5pm and 9am to 9pm from April 23 to May 5. Entrance fee 300 yen. There is also cheap parking across the castle.
Das Schloss is eines von zwölf original gebauten Schlösser seit der Sengoku Zeit. Das Schloss wurde von Tsugaru Tamenobu und seinem Sohn Nobuhira in 1611 gebaut. Das einzige was noch aus der Edo Zeit übrig geblieben ist sind die Tore und tenshukaku. Zu Anfang Mai kann man hier die Sakura Zeit genießen. Leider sah ich nicht viel davon als ich da war.
Die Öffnungszeiten sind 9 bis 17 Uhr und vom 23. April bis 5. Mai von 9 bis 21 Uhr., Eintrittspreis ist 300 Yen. Gegenüber gibt es auch günstiges Parken.

J Aomori 26

Otemon Gate
J Aomori 27

J Aomori 28

J Aomori 29

J Aomori 30

Ito House (伊東家住宅と梅田家住宅)
is a Samurai House which was constructed in early 19th century is located just northside of Castle which was used as a residence by Hirosaki Domain.
Entrance is free of charge, 10am-4pm, closed tue-Friday.
Umeda House built in the middle of the 19th century. Due to weather condition in winter, the hosue is very closed on north-west side and opened on south-east for sun light

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Sasamori House (笹森家) is a samura house which was constructed in the middle of Edo period. Entrance is free of charge.

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Driving from Hirosaki Castle along 102 and 394.

I’d guess the information center is closed today. Denke mal, dass das Besucherzentrum heute geschlossen ist.J Aomori 38

at 城ヶ倉大橋  Jogakura Bridge

J Aomori 39


J Aomori 40

Driving along huge snow walls.
J Aomori 41

Tsuta River   - the old tree
J Aomori 42


it means stone hut. The huge slab rock is supported by one gigantic tree. According to ancient stories. An evil, but beautiful woman lived here. She would kill travellers and steal their possessions.

J Aomori 43

Kumoi No Taki

Water comes gushing over the precipice surrounded by foreset an down three tiers to the river twenty meters below. This is one of the most beautiful water falls along the trail.

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J Aomori 46

Ippongiushiro Stone Composition Remains B

J Aomori 47

J Aomori 48

Manza Stone Circle
J Aomori 49

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