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Kitayamazaki Coast

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Yahanaiba and Yagoshisaki

A shop lets their tow small kids, a boy and a girl, work for them in running after potential customers and offering such very hard seaweed pieces. I could not eat it at all.
Ein Geschäft nutzt ihre zwei kleinen Kinder, ein Junge und ein Mädchen, um hinter mögliche Kunden her zu rennen indem sie ziemliche harte Stücke von Meeresalgen anbieten.

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The Ainu legend says that there lived a beautiful Ainu girl long long time ago. Charmed with her beauty, two young man proposed to her. Being at a loss what to do, she decided that she would marry the winner of an archery contest. She took them to a cliff top or shooting spot (Yahanaiba) commanding a fine view and said “Shoot an arrow as far as you can and I will accept the proposal from the one whose arrow flies furthest”. They shooted with all their strength. One man’s arrow instantly plunged into the sea. The other’s flew over the sea to the island of Matsushima in Shimanokoshi region, beyond Yagoshisaki Coast. It is said that Yadake (a bamboo formerly used for arrow-making) was born from the arrow and has flourished, as seen today on the island. 

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Chuson-ji Temple

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Geibi Valley 猊鼻渓
it is considered to be one of three best major valleys and 100 best views in Japan. I was not really impressed by the boats tour. I have seen way better rocks. There were no real great rock formations here. Well, the boat tour is around 90 minutes with like about 10 minutes leaving the boat at the end of the river where you can buy off 5 stones to throw them on the other side of the river into a whole in the rock. Just try your luck, it is fun and quite annoying the same time :-) The tour is 1500 Yen, 90 minutes, last boat goes at 15:00 (winter) and 16:30 (summer), the ride is 2 km long and you will pass cliffs which are about 50 meters high. There is parking, but you have to pay for it. Maybe you find something for free around there such like along the river where you can acutally drive down and maybe it is allowed to park the car there for like 2 hours.

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