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Bodhisattva Kannon (Kuan Yin) of Tazawako, Akita Prefecture
Kannon North of Mt Fuji
Kyoto, Ryozan Kannon
Wang Kannon / Tokyo Wan Kannon    Chiba Prefecture
Heiwa Kannon
Kamaishidai Kannon       Iwate Prefecture
Ofuna White-Robed Kannon
Kannonyama in Takasaki   Gunma Prefecture
Kannon Aizu Jibo Dai   Fukushima
Dai Kannon of Sendai  
Torii Kannon  

Chiba - Wang Kannon or also Tokyo Wan Kannon

Found it by accident as it was viewable from a great distance.
Height: 56 meters/183.7 feet, Completed: 1961
It was erected in memory of the war dead by a private donor. You can actually go inside the statue (for a fee). Along the 314 steps up to a view point, lots of statues and pictures are on display.

J Kannon 04 Wang

J Kannon 05

J Kannon 06

Heiwa Kannon

27 meters high statue designed by Asajiro Hida made of Oya stone. It was built as a memorial for soldiers who had died during WWII and for world peace.

J Kannon 07 Heiwa

J Kannon 08

Fukushima - Aizu Jibo Dai-Kannon

The Kannon overlooks a great view of the surroundings and a city I cannot name. The grounds offer the visitors a nice stroll for like minimum 40 minutes passing a small waterfall leading into a pond with fish and a red bridge. A small shop is offering tea and something to eat overlooking the gardens. For 100 Yen you can grap fish food to feed it to the hungry fish. Get ready to get wet!
A visit is highly recommended!

J Kannon 09 Fukushima

J Kannon 10

J Kannon 11

J Kannon 12

J Kannon 13

J Kannon 14

J Kannon 15

Ofuna White Robed Kannon

29,39 meters high, started to built in 1934 but construction had to be put on hold due to the second world war. Construction was then completed in 1961. They even used parts of stones from ground zero at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to commemorates the souls of those who died in the atomic bomb attacks and prays for permanent world peace. A festival is hold at the temple in September.
Parken kann man nur auf dem zu bezahlendem Parkplatz nahe der Kannon und westlich von der Ofuna Station:
You can only park at a pay parking lot along the street just before the hill where the temple is and west of the Ofuna station:
Vom Parkplatz aus läuft man links Richtung Hügel. Zuerst kommt am Hügel eine Treppe (Privat!!) an der man noch vorbeiläuft. An der nächsten Gelegenheit läuft man links in einen Weg rein. Man sieht dann schon gleich links eine japanische Lampe die den Weg nach oben zum Tempel zeigt.
From parking walk left and pass the first steps at the hill. At the next opportunity walk left and soon you will see a japanese lamp showing the way up the hill to the temple.

J Kannon 16

J Kannon 17

J Kannon 18

Flame of the Atomic Bomb - the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima brought death to hundreds of thousands of citizens. The flame taken than conflagration, burning in “deep-seared pain in memory“of those who were killed, has been kept burning at Hoshino-mure Village in Fukuoka Prefecture. This flame was lit from that flame and is placed here as a symbol of our yearning for lasuing peace. To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaka August 6 and 9, 1945.

J Kannon 19

J Kannon 20

Kannon Takasaki Kannonyama

J Kannon 21 KannonTakasakiKannonyama

J Kannon 22

J Kannon 23

J Kannon 24

J Kannon 25

J Kannon 26

Dai Kannon of Sendai

J Kannon 27 Sendai

J Kannon 28

J Kannon 29

J Kannon 30

J Kannon 31

J Kannon 32

Kyoto Ryozen Kannon Temple

J Kannon 33 Kyoto Ryozen

J Kannon 34

Torii Kannon, Naguri Hanno

J Kannon 35 Saitama

J Kannon 36

J Kannon 37

J Kannon 38

J Kannon 39

J Kannon 40

J Kannon 41

J Kannon 42

J Kannon 43

J Kannon 47

J Kannon 49

J Kannon 44

J Kannon 45

J Kannon 46

J Kannon 48

Kannon North of Mt Fuji

J Kannon 50 NFuji

with the view of Mt Fuji
J Kannon 51

J Kannon 52

Bodhisattva Kannon (Kuan Yin) of Tazawako
Akita Prefecture

Höhe/Height 35 Meter

J Kannon 57

J Kannon 54 Bodhisattva

J Kannon 55

J Kannon 56

J Kannon 58

J Kannon 59

J Kannon 60

J Kannon 61

Kamaishidai Kannon, Iwate Prefecture

J Kannon 62 Kamaishidai Iwate

J Kannon 63

J Kannon 64

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