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Driving around Mt. Fuji


Mihana Gardens
Peace Park Heiwa Koen
Wasabi Farm
Lake Yamanaka
Oshino Village
Shiogama Shrine and Chureito Pagoda with Cherry Blossoms   
upload April 13, 2014
Fuji Q   Amusement Park
Narusawa Ice Cave
Saiko Bat Cave
Nenba/Nenbo Village  also Iyashi no Sato
Lake Saiko
A Plank Bridge
Lake Motosu
Lake Shojiko
Good Luck Flags
First Sunrise in 2012
Shiraitonotaki Waterfalls
Pampas Grass
San Shrine Honden
Stefan Rager Brewery and restaurant


Trying to show you the pics of places I have visited around Mt.Fuji - driving counterclockwise starting from south-east

April 2011 and May 15, 2011
Great view of Mt. Fuji from Mihana Gardens

Hakone Mihana Gardens Windmill Mt Fuji 02

J Fuji Mihana Gardens 10

J Fuji Mihana Gardens 11

interesting building close by
J Fuji Mihana Gardens 12


Peace Park Heiwa Koen  (May 15)

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 01

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 03 Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 02

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 04

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 14

Mt Fuji and Temple

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 13

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 10

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 06    Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 10

  Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 15           J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 12

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 25

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 16

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 04

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 17

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 21

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 05

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 07

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 08

J Fuji PeaceParkHeiwaKoen 09

Japan Peace Park Heiwa Koen 26


Mt Fuji Trip Hakone 03 02

with rice fields
Mt Fuji Trip Hakone 03 03

Mt Fuji Trip Hakone 03 04

Mt Fuji Trip Hakone 03 06

Wasabi Farm   October 4, 2011

Größere Kartenansicht

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 01

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 07

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 05

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 02

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 06

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 04       J Fuji Wasabi Farm 03

J Fuji Wasabi Farm 08

Lake Yamanaka

Japan Lake Yamanaka 01

Japan Lake Yamanaka 02

Japan Lake Yamanaka 03

Japan Lake Yamanaka 04 Japan Lake Yamanaka 07

 Japan Lake Yamanaka 05

Japan Lake Yamanaka 06

Japan Lake Yamanaka 08

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 15

After a heavy rain fall

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 16

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 17

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 18

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 19

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 20

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 21

J Fuji Lake Yamanaka 22


Oshino Village     October 4, 2011

click here for more information   purified water from Mt Fuji!

J Fuji Oshino 01

J Fuji Oshino 02

J Fuji Oshino 03

J Fuji Oshino 04

J Fuji Oshino 05

J Fuji Oshino 06

J Fuji Oshino 07

J Fuji Oshino 08

J Fuji Oshino 09

J Fuji Oshino 10

J Fuji Oshino 16

J Fuji Oshino 11

J Fuji Oshino 12

you can try SOBA. They use the purified water for cooking
J Fuji Oshino 13

J Fuji Oshino 14

J Fuji Oshino 15

J Fuji Oshino 17

J Fuji Oshino 18


Shiogama Shrine and Chureita Pagoda  (April 13, 2014)

Größere Kartenansicht

J Fuji ShiyogamaShrine

J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 06       J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 08

J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 09

J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 07

J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 05

J Fuji Chureito Pagoda 02

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