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J Tokyo 10 Walker

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This is Japan
47 Ronin Grave
Bay Eiland
Big Sight
Bunkyo Civic Center   view of Tokyo/Mt. Fuji
Fish Market
Ghibli Museum
Hama Rikyu Gardens
Hie Jinja Shrine
Hiking from Mt. Takao to Mt Jinba
Imperial Palace
Kanda-Miyojin Shrine
National Stadium
Odaiba Fireworks
Old Yasuda Gardens
Rainbow Bridge
Sensoji Temple
Snow pictures
Theme Restaurants
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Metropolitan Center
Tokyo Sky Tree    view of Tokyo
Tokyo Tower    view of Tokyo
Yushima Seido

This is Japan  - the japanese way

Plastic food and pictures on display so that you can easier choose your meal
J Tokyo 11

really everywhere you can get yourself cold and warm drinks from these machines

J Tokyo 12

J Tokyo 13

J Tokyo 14

J Tokyo 36

J Tokyo 37

J Tokyo 38

J Tokyo 39

J Tokyo 40

so many people in Tokyo are crazy about their dogs. They like to pamper the dogs and put them in dog clothes.
J Tokyo 41

J Tokyo 42

J Tokyo 43

On weekends, Yoyogi Park is full with people and parties and artists and those dancers....
J Tokyo 44

J Tokyo 45

J Tokyo 46

J Tokyo 47

a male DJ in a nurses dress
J Tokyo 66

J Tokyo 48

a traditional wedding
J Tokyo 49

a traditional funeral
J Tokyo 50

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