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Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 and is 1092 feet high. It does not only look like the Eiffel Tower, it is really a copy of it. The Tower is 30 feet highter than the Eiffel Tower and 3 000 tons lighter. I never had the luck of seeing Mt. Fuji or Mt. Tsukuba from this Tower. The Tower has cameras to monitor the city’s traffic and it also broadcasts 9 Japan’s television and 5 FM radio stations.
Since the big earthquake (triple disaster) in March 2011 hit Tokyo, The tip of the tower is tilted.

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In front of the Tower is a statue of the EIGHT BELOW (look up the movie as well) huskies.
Real Story:
In February 1958, the Second Cross-Winter Expedition for the Japanese Antarctic Surveying Team rode on an ice-breaker "Souya" to take over from the 11-men First Cross-Winter Expedition. However due to the extreme weather conditions there, Souya could not get near enough to the Shouwa Base and they decided not to proceed with the stay-over. As the First Cross-Winter Expedition retreat on helicopter, they had to leave 15 Sakhalin Huskies at the un-manned Shouwa Base. The dogs were left chained at the base as the team thought that they will be returning, which did not happen due to fuel shortage. The team was worried about the dogs as the weather was extremely cold and there was only 1 week of feed available.
On 14th January 1959, Kitagawa, one of the dog-handlers in the first expedition, returned with the Third Cross-Winter Expedition, wanting to bury his beloved dogs. To everyone's surprise, they were greeted warmly by the dogs Taro and Jiro at the base, brothers who were born on Antarctica. 7 dogs were found dead at the base still chained: Goro, Pesu, Moku, Aka, Kuro, Pochi, Kuma (monbetsu)
6 dogs got loose and disappeared: Riki, Anko, Shiro, Jakku, Deri, Kuma (furen) 2 survivors left: Taro and Jiro
Fate of Taro and Jiro: The younger brother Jiro died at the age of four during the fifth expedition in July 1960. His body was made into a specimen and is placed together in the National Science Museum at Ueno, Tokyo. The older brother Taro was luckier: he returned to Hokkaido University for his retirement, and died at the age of 15 in 1970. His body was also made into a specimen at Hokkaido University.

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New Years

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Tokoy Sky Tree

Foreigners cannot buy a ticket to the Sky Tree easily. Only if you have a japanese credit card, you can buy online. You can only buy through your travel agent if they offer a package including the
Sky Tree, your hotel offfers ticket or you stand in line and try to buy a ticket for the day. If you do the last one, then it is only luck or you go way before 9 am. They sell up to 10 000 tickets a day. It took me only 20 minutes waiting in line on a tuesday morning. There were hundreds of people in front of me. The time indicated means only when to come back to start waiting in line to try to get a ticket. One ticket for an adult costs 2 000 yen. This tickets allows you to get to the first platform. If you want to go to the highest point on the second platform, you will have to stand in line again on the first observation deck and pay 1 000 yen extra.
To be honest, it was not really worth it. I did not like the tower at all. They have also a glass platform where you have a view down, but this platform is small and you have to stand in line to go on it and the employees monitor it. So it is not really fun to enjoy the tower at all - at least not for me. I was out there in like 20 minutes. If you do not have the urge to “climb” all the towers in the world, then skip this one and rather enjoy the views of other buildings and towers which are free of charge and have much better windows to look through such as Tokyo Metropolitan Tower North and South Tower, Bunkyo Civic Center, but also at Roppongi Hills which you have to pay for but you can even go on the roof to have a view over Tokyo.

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Sky Tree January 2011 - not finished yet
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December 31, 2013
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christmas J Tokyo 95

Tokyo Metropolitan Center

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Hie Jinja Shrine

The shrine was constructed as the protectorate diety for the Edo Castle. The main theme of the shrine are the monkey statues, it includes statue of a married monkey couple.

There is a new and an old entrance to the Shrine. This one is the new gate which includes an excalator.
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Yoyogi National Stadium

J Tokyo 210

J Tokyo 211

The most famous crossing - Shibuya Crossing

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