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Tokyo Fish Market

You should be there around 4 am to get better chances to get in. There are only two groups of each 60 people allowed per day. Afterwards you can wait in line again for enjoying one of the best sushis at one of the few small sushi places within the Fish Market. I would say that you should not save on money here. Take the bigger plate to get the full enjoyment of real fresh fish!

J Tokyo 107

preparing the frozen tuna for the auction. they are getting tested and after the auction labeled.
J Tokyo 108

J Tokyo 110

the auction starts. The guy to the left is yelling like hell. J Tokyo 109

J Tokyo 111

Walking the Rainbow Bridge heading to Odaiba the man made island

J Tokyo 112

J Tokyo 113

J Tokyo 114

Auf der Seite von Tokyo können Fahrzeuge diese tolle Auffahrt zur Brücke nutzen.
J Tokyo 119

Walking from the Yurikamome Line Station Shibaura-Futou (but you could also have a nice walk from JR Tamachi Station where you can have a nice lunch or look at some shops). It is also nice to take the
train to Odaiba having a great view of Tokyo and the Bay. Below a pic of the express way. It goes all around and fun to drive on. It is free of charge to use it and drive over the Rainbow Bridge. Heading to
the entrance door taking the elevator from second floor to the 7th to start the walk

J Tokyo 115

J Tokyo 116

J Tokyo 117

J Tokyo 118

Neben der unteren Spur (kostenlos, die obige nur gegen Gebühr), können Fußgänger die Aussicht sicher genießen
J Tokyo 120

J Tokyo 121

J Tokyo 122


Sicht auf Odaiba mit Fuji TV (Aussichtsplattform)
J Tokyo 123

J Tokyo 124

J Tokyo 125

J Tokyo 126

J Tokyo 127

Waiting for the fireworks - December 21, 2013

J Tokyo 128

J Tokyo 129

J Tokyo 130

J Tokyo 131

J Tokyo 132

J Tokyo 133

J Tokyo 134

J Tokyo 135

J Tokyo 136

The Imperial Palace

Niju-bashi Bridge
J Tokyo 137

J Tokyo 138

J Tokyo 139

J Tokyo 140

J Tokyo 157

This is the building  where the imperial family is talking/showing themselves to public from a balcony (as seen on the second pic way to the right)
J Tokyo 158

J Tokyo 159


J Tokyo 141

J Tokyo 142

J Tokyo 143

J Tokyo 144

Hama Rikyu Gardens

This beautiful  japanese garden includes 2 lakes and is next to the harbor from where  you can take a boat ride to different destinations. Entrance fee is  300 yen, open 9 am to 5 pm and easy to combine with Kyu Shiba Rikyu  Gardens (see my index) - in walking distance. Closest subway stations are Shiodome, Hamamatsucho and Diamond Station - between 5 and 10 minutes walk.

J Tokyo 145

J Tokyo 146

View of Shiodome Skyline
J Tokyo 147

the O-tsutai-bashi Bridge lead from the tea house to the other side of the small lake
J Tokyo 148

J Tokyo 149

couples do also like to come to this garden to take some wedding pictures

J Tokyo 150

J Tokyo 152

J Tokyo 153

J Tokyo 154

J Tokyo 155

At the waterfront  - Ship cruise
J Tokyo 156

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