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National Stadium

was a multi-purpose stadium in Shinjuku. The stadium was used for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as being the venue for track and field events at the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. The Japan national football team's home matches and major football club cup finals were held at the stadium. The stadium's official capacity was 57,363, but the real capacity was only 48,000 seats.
Demolition was completed in May 2015, and the site will be redeveloped with a new larger-capacity National Olympic Stadium. The new stadium is set to be the main venue for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games.
The original plans for the new stadium were scrapped in July 2015 by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who announced a rebid after a public outcry because of increased building costs. As a result, the new design will not be ready for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, as originally intended. A new design created by architect Kengo Kuma was chosen in December 2015 to replace the original design and is to be completed in November 2019.

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Old Yasuda Garden

In 1701 a feudal lord in later Hitachi-Kasama clan, Honjyo Inabanokami Munesuke received this land from the Bakufu and said to have constructed this garden. It is with a pond in the shape of a Japanese character “Kokoro” (heart) at this center location. The garden changed its owners over the times. In September of 1923, the grounds were almost completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake. The City began reconstructing the garden, using as a base “ishigumi” stone formations which fortunately remained and then it has been named after the donator of Yasda to be “The Old Yasuda Garden”.

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Hiking from Mt. Takao to Mt. Jinba

I am not a big  hiker when it comes to hike all day long over two mountains with not much breaks. It really hurt the muscles. It was then also my last hike ever such like this one. Do not go a day after rain as it is very slippery and muddy.

taking the cable car up on a ca. 200 m height. The steepest train track (60.8%) in Japan. Die steilste Eisenbahnlinie Japans mit 60,8% Steigung.
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Ankunft auf dem Mt. Jinba
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