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Fotos aus den Jahren 2010-2014  ---  Pictures taken between 2010-2014


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Special page about Buddhas and Kannons

Aomori Prefecture
Chiba Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Hiroshima Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Nara Prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture     Island
Saitama Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture   with Mt Fuji pictures
Tochigi Prefecture
Tokyo Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture

Japan Index alphabetically / alphabetisch

Akiu Great Fall    view from below    Miyagi Pref
Amefuri Falls             Fukushima Pref
Lake Ashinoko     Kanagawa Pref

Bandai Azuma Skyline     Fukushima Pref
Banji Rock    Miyagi Pref
Byodo-in Temple      Kyoto Pref
Chionin Temple     Kyoto Pref

Choshi   Chiba Pref
Choshi Coast/Beach   Chiba Pref
Choshi Falls       Fukushima Pref
Churaumi Aquarium   Okinawa Pref
Chuson-ji Temple   Iwate Pref
Daisekirinzan   Okinawa Pref

Enoshima     Kanagawa Pref
Enoshima Observation Lighthouse    Kanagawa Pref
Geibi Valley     boat tour   Iwate Pref

Ginkakujicho Silver Temple   Kyoto Pref
Mangan-ji Temple   Chiba Pref
Daio-ji Temple    Miyagi Pref
Fushimi Falls         Fukushima Pref
Fushimi Inari Shrine 10 000 toriis    Kyoto Pref

Godaido Temple    Miyagi Pref
Goshiki-Numa 5 Lakes       Fukushima Pref
Hakone Mihana Garden   Shizuoka Pref

Hakone Shrine     Kanagawa Pref
Hanitsu Shrine      Fukushima Pref
Harvesting    Miyagi Pref
Hayama Beach     Kanagawa Pref

HigashiayamaOnsen       Fukushima Pref
Hirosaki Castle   Aomori Pref
Hotoke-ga-ura  Aomori Pref
Hiyoriyama Park    Miyagi Pref
Houmei Shijyuhachitaki Falls   Miyagi Pref
Iimoriyama       Fukushima Pref
Ippon-matsu of Rikuzentakata    The last pine tree - symbol to the Tsunami Disaster    Miyagi Pref
Ippongiushiro Stone Composition Remains     Aomori Pref
Ishigedo    Aomori Pref
Ito House    Aomori Pref
Ishiniomaki    Miyagi Pref
Jodogohama Coast   Iwate Pref

Jogashima Island     Kanagawa Pref
Kaigan Quasi   Okinawa Pref
Kamakura   for the Buddha in Hase please go then to my page with Daibutsu/Kannon    Kanagawa Pref
Kanome City   Waterfall/Wasserfall        Fukushima Pref
Kashima Shrine    Miyagi Pref
Kesennuma Yokocho     This area lost the stores to the Tsunami. They have some replaced by containers.   Miyagi Pref
Kinkakuji Golden Temple     Kyoto Pref
Kitayamazaki Coast   Iwate Pref

Kiyomizu Dera     Kyoto Pref
Kyoto Tower     Kyoto Pref

Kokeshi Dolls   Roadside Attraction     Miyagi Pref
Konpon Temple    Miyagi Pref
Kumoi No Taki  Aomori Pref
Kunozan Toshogu Shrine   Shizuoka Pref
Lake Hibara          Fukushima Pref
Lake Motosu   Shizuoka Pref
Lake Saiko   Shizuoka Pref
Mt. Fuji with Chureita Pagoda   Shizuoka Pref
Mt Fuji and Flower Show   Shizuoka Pref
Mt Fuji in Shizuoka   Shizuoka Pref
Mt Fuji First Sunrise in 2012   Shizuoka Pref
Mt Fuji with tea fields   Shizuoka Pref
Mt Fuji with Fuji Q amusement park   Shizuoka Pref
Manga Museum    Miyagi Pref
Mangroves   Okinawa Pref

Masugata   Castle remains / Schlossruine      Fukushima Pref
Matsumoto Castle   Nagano Pref
Miho Beach with view of Mt. Fuji   Shizuoka Pref

Minamisanriku Area    Miyagi Pref
Miyagi Shrine    Miyagi Pref
Miyato Island    Miyagi Pref
Naha   Okinawa Pref

Nakatsugawa Canyon        Fukushima Pref
Nenbo Village   Shizuoka Pref
Nikko World Heritage  Tochigi Pref
Okari Den Shrine  Tochigi Pref
Old Tree   Aomori Pref
Oma   Aomori Pref
Osorezan Bodai-ji Temple
Osaki Hachiman Shrine    Miyagi Pref
Oshino Hakkai   Purified Water

Ouchi-juku in Yamagataya  An old Post Town        Fukushima Pref
Owakudani Hot Springs     Kanagawa Pref
Oyaji Temple  Tochigi Pref

Oyakuen    Garden/Garten       Fukushima Pref
Pampas Grass   Shizuoka Pref
Peace Park Heiwa Koen   with view of Mt Fuji
Ryusendo Cave    Iwate Pref
Sanno Iwa Rocks   Iwate Pref

Sant Juan Bautista Mall with a Pirate Ship    Miyagi Pref
Sasamori House   Aomori Pref

Sazaedo Pagoda          Fukushima Pref
Sendai City   AER Observation Deck     Miyagi Pref
Sendai Shrines and Temples    Miyagi Pref
Sendai Castle    Miyagi Pref
Shintera Area    Miyagi Pref
Shiraito Falls  Tochigi Pref

Shrine    Miyagi Pref
Shurijo Castle   Okinawa Pref

Snow Monkeys    Nagano Pref
Takio Shrine  Tochigi Pref
Tea House     Yamanashi Pref

Tendo    Miyagi Pref
Tsunami Memorial Park   Iwate Pref

Tsuruga Castle  Schloss         Fukushima Pref
Urami Falls   Tochigi Pref
Wasabi Farm   Shizuoka Pref
Yahanaiba and Yagoshisaki    Iwate Pref

Yamadera    Miyagi Pref
Yokohama      Kanagawa Pref
Yokohama China Town also by night
Yokohama International Passenger Terminal
Yokohama Landmark Tower
Yokohama Marina Tower also by night

Yukiwari Bridge   & waterfalls / Brücke & Wasserfälle        Fukushima Pref
Yunokamionsen Station        Fukushima Pref

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