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  J o r d a n

Größere Kartenansicht


Ajlun Castle
Dead Sea Moevenpick
PAL Orchestra
   concert in an about 2 000 years old amphi theatre
Karak Castle
Mt. Nebo
On way to Petra


August 27, 2005

Jordan Ajlun 01

Jordan Ajlun 03    Jordan Ajlun 04


A j l u n  C a s t l e

Jordan Ajlun 06

Jordan Ajlun 07

Jordan Ajlun 08

Jordan Ajlun 11    Jordan Ajlun 12

Jordan Ajlun 13   Jordan Ajlun 15

Jordan Ajlun 14

Jordan Ajlun 16

Jordan Ajlun 19

Jordan Ajlun 20   Jordan Ajlun 21

Jordan Ajlun 22 Jordan Ajlun 23

Jordan Ajlun 24

Jordan Ajlun 25

Jordan Ajlun 26

Jordan Ajlun 28

A m m a n

March 25, 2005   I did not see all of Amman as I was just there for a day to do shopping.

Jordan Amman 01

Jordan Amman 03

Jordan Amman 04

Jordan Amman 05

Jordan Amman 06

Jordan Amman 07   Jordan Amman 09

Jordan Amman 08


D e a d  S e a  M o e v e n p i c k

April 2, 2005      The hotel has besides the hotel building with rooms als a village (pics  further below), offering spa, swimming pool and access to the Dead Sea.

Jordan Moevenpick 01 

Jordan Moevenpick 02

Jordan Moevenpick 04

Jordan Moevenpick 06

Jordan Moevenpick 09

Jordan Moevenpick 10

Jordan Moevenpick 12

Jordan Moevenpick 13

Jordan Moevenpick 15   Jordan Moevenpick 17

Jordan Moevenpick 16

Jordan Moevenpick 20

Jordan Moevenpick 21

Jordan Moevenpick 22

Jordan Moevenpick 23  Jordan Moevenpick 24

Jordan Moevenpick 26

Jordan Moevenpick 27

Jordan Moevenpick 28

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