My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Love Around The World

newest pics come first!

Love 48

Berlin Mitte
Love 47 D Berlin KöpenickerStr

Love 12 Costa Rica 01

Love in Shinjuku Tokyo/Japan                                                                      Love at Christie’s in New York City
Love 01 Japan Tokyo Shinjuku     Love 02 USA NYC Christies

Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Love 22 USA CA LA SantaMonicaBlvd 13.06.2013

The Peak, Hong Kong
Love 03 Asia China HongKong ThePeak

Love 04 Asia China Hong Kong ThePeak 02

Love 05 USA CA Los Angeles_ILoveLA

Macau, China
Love 06 Asia China Macau 2013

Love 07 Asia J Tokyo Backform

Fukushima Prefecture/Japan
Love 08 Asia Japan Fukushima Prefecture

at the beautiful Goshiki Numa Lakes, Fukushima Prefecture/Japan
Love 09 Asia Japan FukushimaPref GoshikiNuma Lakes

Tokyo Rainbow Pride
Love 10 Asia Japan Tokyo 2013.04.28 TokyoRainbowPride

YuexioPark ”NangRenMoXiang” in Guangzhou/China
Love 11 China Guangzhou_YuexioPark_NangRenMoXiang

All next pictures are taken in Costa Rica till otherwise stated
Love 13 Costa Rica 02 San Jose       Love 15 Costa Rica 04 San Jose

Love 14 Costa Rica 03 San Jose

Love 16 Costa Rica 05 San Jose

Love 17 Costa Rica 06 San Jose

Love 18 Costa Rica 07

Love 19 Costa Rica 08

Melrose Place, Los Angeles/California
Love 20 USA CA LA MelrosePlace 01

Melrose Place, Los Angeles/California
Love 21 USA CA LA MelrosePlace 02

A Church in Denver/Colorado/USA
Love 23 USA CO Denver GLBT

New York City Pictures till otherwise stated
Love 25 USA NYC 01

Love 26 USA NYC 02

Love 27 USA NYC 03 daycare

Love 28 USA NYC

Employees at Sky Tree, Tokyo/Japan
Love 29 Japan Tokyo Sky Tree 24..12.12 10

Love 30 Germany Berlin Sticker

East Side Gallery, Berlin/Germany
Love 31 Germany Berlin BerlinWall

Love 32 Germany Berlin atO2World

Love 33 Germany Berlin MakeLoveFussball

Love 34 Germany Berlin GraffitiILoveYou

Kulturbrauerei, Berlin/Germany
Love 35 Germany Berlin Kulturbrauerei

Love 36 Germany Berlin NoLove

Love Sofa, Tokyo/Japan
Love 38 Japan Tokyo LoveSofa

Paris - Bridge with love locks
Love 39 France Paris 01

Love 40 France Paris

Kinda heart reflection on the ice floor, Manila/Philippines
Love 41 Philippines MakatiCity MallOfAsia

Love 42 Philippines Manila AlmacenesReales

Love 43 Japan Tokyo

Toilettes at Alice in Wonderland Restaurant, Tokyo
Love 44 Japan AliceInWonderland

Love 45 Japan Tokyo

heart shaped, Japan
Love 46 Japan

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