“It might be too late to change the world, but never too late to see it”

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The Petronas Twin Towers

Malaysia KL 01

Malaysia KL 02

Masjid Asy Syakirin
Malaysia KL 03 Masjid Asy Syakirin

Malaysia KL 04 Malaysia KL 05

Malaysia KL 06

The next day I was just walking to the Twin Towers to have a closer look. I even went inside. Suddenly an employee asked me if I wanna go up to the skybridge as they still have two tickets left for the day! I took the ticket as it is normally not possible to get a ticket for the day.

Malaysia KL 07

Malaysia KL 08

Die Touren gehen praktisch zu jeder Stunde. Jede Gruppe erhaelt ihre eigene farblich markierte “visitor badge”. Es gibt zwei Aussichtsplattformen.
Die erste nennt sich Skybridge welche sich in 170 Meter Hoehe befindet. Hier kann man ca. 15 Minuten verweilen bis die eigene Gruppe aufgerufen wird zur naechsten Platform hochzufahren.

The tour is like every hour and each group gets its colored badge. There are two view points. The first one is the skybridge 170 meters above ground.Here you can spend like 15 minutes until your group is called to go to the second view point.

Malaysia KL 10

Malaysia KL 11

Malaysia KL 12

Die zweite Plattform befindet sich in der 86. Etage. Hier kann man ca. 30 Minuten verweilen.
The second platform is on the 86th level. They give you like 30 minutes to enjoy the view.

Malaysia KL 13

Malaysia KL 14 Malaysia KL 15

Malaysia KL 16

Malaysia KL 17

by night - pictures taken out of my hotel room

Malaysia KL 18

Malaysia KL 19

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Malaysia KL 20

Malaysia KL 21

Ich laufe zum “Kuala Lumpur Tower”, aber zuvor kehre ich beim Hard Rock Cafe ein fuer ein Mittagessen.
Walking to the Kuala Lumpur Tower but just before that I went to Hard Rock Cafe to grab lunch.

Malaysia KL 22

Malaysia KL 48

Malaysia KL 49

Malaysia KL 50

Malaysia KL 51

Malaysia KL 52

Mir fiel auf, dass die Speisekarte hier ein paar andere Speisen vorwies auch wenn der Kellner meint, dass sie ueberall gleich waere.
Here I found that the menu was slightly different to other countries though the waiter said that it is the same worldwide :-)

Malaysia KL 53 Malaysia KL 54

Malaysia KL 55

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Malaysia KL 26  Malaysia KL 27

Malaysia KL 28

Malaysia KL 29

Die Aussichtsplatform befindet sich auf 276 Meter Hoehe im 421 Meter hohen Menara KL Turm. Es ist der hoechste Turm Malaysia’s und der siebthoechste der Welt.
The view can be enjoyable on 276 meters in the 421 meter high Menara KL Tower which is the highest tower Malaysia’s and the seventh highest in the world.

Malaysia KL 38

Malaysia KL 30

Malaysia KL 31

Malaysia KL 32      Malaysia KL 33

Malaysia KL 34

Malaysia KL 35

Malaysia KL 36

Malaysia KL 37

Nach dem Besuch des Turms lief ich kurz zu “Bukit Nanas Forest”. After visiting the tower I walked to “Bukit Nanas Forest”.

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Malaysia KL 39

from 1919
Malaysia KL 40 from 1919

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