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Hart to Hart  (Hart aber Herzlich)   TV Show  (1979-1984)
starring Stefanie Powers as Jennifer Hart (playing a journalist) and her TV husband Robert Wagner playing Jonathan Hart a selfmade millionair. Both finding themselves in investigating murder and thefts etc.

Stefanie Powers star on Hollywood Blvd., California. The star is in front of the McDonalds at 6778 Hollywood Blvd
Hart to Hart Stefanie Powers Star_6778 Hollywood Blvd01

3100 Mondeville Canyon (off Sunset Blvd.)  possibly the way to the Hart’s house.

HartToHart Home MontevilleCanyon 01

This could be the entrance gate.
HartToHart Home MontevilleCanyon 02


Filmlocation for the first Season, Disc5, Episode “Which way Freeway?”
Amapola Lane at Copa de Oroa Road and Bel Air Road in Bel Air
The Harts are driving in that episode to the owner of the dog they have found. Coming from Copa de oro Road crossing Bel Air Road (in the below first picture: coming from left, going to the right).

HartToHart 1_WhichWayFwy_AmapolaLane_CopaDeOroRd_BelAir02

2nd picture: This is the Hart’s view, driving from Copa de oro Road going straight into Amapola Lane

HartToHart 1_WhichWayFwy_AmapolaLane_CopaDeOroRd_BelAir03

3rd picture. Gate and the little statue in front of it (on the right) looks still the same after 20 years!!
The house is a huge one and very pretty.

HartToHart 1_WhichWayFwy_AmapolaLane_CopaDeOroRd_BelAir01

Filmlocation for the first Season, Disc5, Episode “Which way Freeway?”
Taking the dog they found to the VET.
Larchmont Pet Clinic, 316 North Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles (Larchmont Village)

HartToHart 1_WhichWayFwy_PetClinic_316NLarchmontBlvd


Filmlocation for the second Season, Disc1, Episode 1 “Murder, Murder on the Wall”
This is on 2nd Ave to Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. On the opposite side on 2nd Ave. the female murderer stopped her car here after running over a man. As you can see orange cones block the street, but one can still stop and get a picture with their digital camera.

HartToHart 2_1_1_MurderMurderOnTheWall 01 2nd_MontanaSM_runawayMurder


The Hart’s park their car here as seen in this picture and going to the hotel as seen in the next picture.
Ocean Ave., Santa Monica

HartToHart 2_1_1_MurderMurderOnTheWall 03 1431OceanAveSM


1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica.
HartToHart 2_1_1_MurderMurderOnTheWall 02 1431OceanAveSM


The Hart’s are seeing the police with the so called victim. The police station is the City Hall at 1685 Main St., Santa Monica.
The first picture shows where the car parks (on the right side, opposite street where the red line is) from the followers of the Hart’s.

HartToHart 2_1_1_MurderMurderOnTheWall 04 City Hall_1685 MainSt SM

HartToHart 2_1_1_MurderMurderOnTheWall 05 City Hall_1685 MainSt SM


Star Homes

Beau Bridges
Linda Carter
Charlie Chaplin
Jim Morrison
Marilyn Monroe (Roosevelt Hotel)
Marilyn Monroe  home
Jack Nicholson
Stefanie Powers


Laurel Canyon Blvd. - zwischen/between Sunset Blvd. und/and Mulholland Drive

Jim Morrison ehemaliges Haus / former house

Jim Morrison Laurel Canyon

Das Haus ist auf Hoehe von Laurel Canyon und Kirkwood Drive. Es befindet sich so gut wie hinter dem Western Market (siehe Foto unten). 
The house is next to Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Kirkwood Drive kinda behind the Western Market (picture below).

Jim Morrison nahe_Market Laurel Canyon


Charlie Chaplin’s former home, Hollywood Hills near Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles

Charlin Chaplin HollywoodHills


Madonna’s former house close to the Hollywood Sign

Madonna Haus 02

Madonna Haus 01


Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood     Marilyn Monroe stayed here for a while.

Hollywood Blvd. Roosevelt Hotel

Marilyn Monroe former home            12305 5th Helena Drive, Brentwood, CA

Marilyn Monroe home 02

hinter dieser Mauer ist das Haus - the house is behind this wall (private home now - no entrance)
Marilyn Monroe home 01


Stefanie Powers, 2661 Hutton Drive, Beverly Hills

03 Star homes Stefanie Powers 2661 Hutton Drive_BH


Beau Bridges, 2770 Hutton Drive, Beverly Hills

02 Star homes Beau Bridges 2770 Hutton Dr_HollywoodHills


Linda Carter, 3114 Abington Drive, Beverly Hills

01 Star homes Linda Carter 3114 Abington Dr_BH


Jack Nicholson, 12850 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills

04 Star homes Jack Nicholson 12850 Mulholland Dr_BH

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