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“Das Leben der Anderen/ The Live Of Others” Sebastian Koch and the very talented Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
(writer, director) 2007 for the Oscars (writer/director of THE TOURIST with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie)
florian henckel von donnersmarck und sebastian koch

florian henckel von donnersmarck

Frances Schoenberger, German writer, reporter of Hollywood to Germany
Frances Schoenberger

Frank Mottek, News Anchor TV and Radio
frank mottek_KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO

George Kennedy, famous american actor, 2008
George Kennedy 20.07.07

Winner of “Germany’s Next Top Model 2009” SARA NURU (left), at Pre Oscar 2010
German Top Model 2009

Left: German TV Reporter, Pre Oscar 2010
German TV

 Greg Manwaring, american, Fun Toons (Germany company), former Disney animator and a wonderful person
Greg Manwaring and Alex 

Greg Manwaring, Josef Rusnak, German director
Greg Manwaring ex Disney und Josef Rusnak D director

Hannelore Elsner, German actress
Hannelore Elsner

Hannes Jaenicke, German actor
hannes jaenicke 02

Pregnant Heidi Klum and Seal  
heidi klum und seal 02

  James Patrick Stuart, actor  
James Patrick Stuart

  Joan Collins 
Joan Collins

Linda Evans
Llinda Evans

Joe (left), singer (Route 66 songs) and publisher of audio books, and Michael Wallis, the voice
of the sheriff in disney pixar CARS, well known among Route 66 fans. Meet at a meeting in Illinois.
Joe und Michael Wallis CARS

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer
Joschka Fischer

Minister President Ruettgers, Geman director Josef Rusnak
Josef Rusnak_MP Rüttges 03

Juergen Prochnow, german actor
Jürgen Prochnow und Alex

Jürgen Prochnow

Moritz Bleibtreu beeing interviewed, 2009, the Oscars
Moritz Bleibtreu

Nina Franoszek, German actress
Nina Franoszek

my dear Petra Luna, german, former “Maggies Kochstudio” girl, 2007. Wrote her first script recently!
 Hoping to see her movie in the near future
Petra Luna und Alex 06.05.2007

Evan Helmuth. Premiere “Ready or not”
Ready Or Not, Aug 2009 004 Evan Helmuth

 My sweet Silvia Pompei, animator, The Simpsons
Silvia Pompei von STARZ MEDIA Simpsons

Singer Rhianna, a bit hidden, The Grove, Los Angeles, 2009
Rhianna 04

Visit at the Simpsons studio (thanks so much. it was a great day!!!) Charles (Chuck) Ragins,
creator of Krustyland poster as seen at the Simpsons Ride at the Universal Studios 
Simpsons postermacher

me pretending to draw (bu I CAN) Maggie

Sybil Danning, actress, producer, sex symbol since the 80s        Thomas Gottschalk, German Show Master
Sybil Danning Thomas Gottschalk

Turban Man, seen in some movies and TV Show, Venice Beach
turbanman 01 turbanman 02

  Ute Lemper, German singer, at her concert and after party, UCLA 2008 Los Angeles
Ute Lemper

Vinzenz Kiefer, German actor “Baader Meinhof Komplex”, Oscars 2009
Vinzenz Kiefer 2009 constantin films

Wayne Carpendale
Wayne Carpendale

Next to me: Klaus Badelt, German composer such as Pirates of the Carribean I with Johnny Depp
Klaus Badelt

Volker Engel - Uncharted Territory, Visuell Effects, Oscar Winner for Independence Day
Volker Engel_Special Effects Hollywood filme

Volker Engel, Maria Petersen, Wolfgang Petersen (German director)
Wolfang und Maria Petersen_Volker Engel_WowereitLA

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