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Seeing / meeting famous/well known people
and other interesting pics

Mahmoud Abbas
Buzz Aldrin, 2nd Man on the moon
Baader Meinhof Komplex
Klaus Badelt
Corbin Benson
Peter Bergman
Moritz Bleibtreu
Eric Braeden
Wayne Carpendale
Joan Collins
Sybil Danning
Disney Studio private tour “Narnia” wardrobe
Hannelore Elsner
Volker Engel
Linda Evans
Joschka Fischer
Nina Franoszek
Thomas Gottschalk
Johnny Grant
Daniella Hehmann
Evan Helmuth
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Bernardo Hiller
Hannes Jaenicke
Cherno Jobatey
Milla Jovovich
Goerge Kennedy
Vinzenz Kiefer
Heidi Klum
Sebastian Koch
Thomas Kretschmann
Ute Lemper
Petra Luna
Greg Manwaring
Jessica Mazur
Angela Merkel
Fabrice Morvan (Milli Vanili)
Frank Mottek
Ulrich Muehe
Ken Norton
Sara Nuru  Winner of 2009 Germany’s Next Top Model
Heiko Obermoeller
Jennifer O’Dell
Christian Oliver
Wolfgang Petersen
Silvia Pompei THE SIMPSONS
Juergen Prochnow
Charles Ragins THE SIMPSONS
Minister Ruettgers
Josef Rusnak
Frances Schoenberger
Arnold Schwartzman
Melody Thomas Scott
Birgit Stein
James Patrick Stuart
Turbanman, Venice Beach
Jesse Ventura
Michael Wallis (Route 66, Disney movie CARS)
Christoph Waltz
Esther Zimmer


Milla Jovovich - at the Oscar Party
Milla Jovovich


Bernard Hiller, a great acting coach
Alex und Bernie Hiller

UK actress, Bernarod Hill, me, German actress
UK actress_Bernardo Hiller_Alex und dt actress

My dear Birgit Stein (German), actress, producer and wife of Juergen Prochnow, Pre Oscars 2010
Alex und Birgit Stein

with Christian Oliver and Jessica Mazur (Germans), Pre Oscar 2010. Check out her Hollywood Blog on Facebook
Alex und Christian Oliver_Jessika Mazur

with Thomas Kretschmann, German actor, Pre Oscar 2010
Alex und Thomas Kretschmann

Fabrice Morvan “Milli Vanili”
Alex_Fabrice  Fab Morvan Milli Vanilli 23.02.2008

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, 2005 ?
Angela Merkel und Mahmoud Abbas PAL pres since 2005

Arnold and Isolde Schwartzman, Oscar winner for the documentary movie “Genocide”, 1981. Since 1996,
he has designed many of the key elements for the Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) such like posters,
billboards, movie trailers and printed programs for the Awards ceremony and Governors Ball. 

Arnold und Isolde Schwartzmann

 BABYFACE, singer and songwriter, at breakfast in Malibu, 2006

 R.I.P. Bernd Eichinger, German producer
bernd eichinger 2009

German group “Baader Meinhof Komplex”, the Oscars 2009
Johanna Wokalek, Martina Gedeck and director Bernd Eichinger

Johanna Wokalek_Martina Gedeck_Bernd Eichinger

R.I.P Ulrich Muehe “The Live of Others”                           Cherno Jobatey, German TV showmaster
Ulrich Mühe      cherno jobatey_16.08.06

Bernadro Hiller, Heiko Obermoeller
Bernie Hiller_Heiko Obermöller

   Heiko Obermoeller, German actor, now living and working in the USA, 2009
Heiko Obermöller

Buzz Aldrin, 2nd man on the moon 
Buzz Aldrin

Mrs. Buzz Aldrin with Bernardo Hiller
Mrs Buzz Aldrin_Bernie Hiller

Rhys McArthur_ photographer_me_Buzz Aldrin_Heiko Obermoeller

  Christoph Waltz, German actor who won the Oscar 2010 for “Inglorious Basterds” here with another German actress
                                                                       and Elga Sharpe (right), Chief of Protocol, LA Mayor’s Office Pre Oscar 2010

Christoph Waltz_German actress_Elga Sharpe

Corbin Benson, american actor   
Corbin Bernson

 Corinna Danckwerts, german producer, German Films
Corina Danckwerts

my lovely friend Daniella Hehmann, German model, great photographer
Daniella Hehmann

  The wardrobe from the Disney movie “Narnia”. Museum at Disney (closed to public)
Disney Studio Wardrobe

Elga Sharpe, Chief of Protocol, LA Mayor’s Office and I at the Pre Oscars Event 2010
Elga and Alexandra

Eric Braeden get’s his STAR on Hollywood Blvd., 2008  TV Show “The Young & The Restless” since 27 years - afterwards having a nice party at his home
Eric Braeden STAR 20.07.07

Eric/Hans with fans
Eric Braeden Star on Hollywood

eric braeden

Any Young from “The Young & The Restless”
Eric Braeden Star Hollywood young and restless

Jennifer O’Dell, also starred in a movie with Eric Braeden “The man who came back”.
Jennifer O Dell

Played a slave in “The man who came back”
slave The man who came back

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, 1999-2003
Jesse Ventura former gov of Minnesota 99_2003

Jesse Ventura

Melody Thomas Scott “The Young & The Restless”
Melody Thomas Scott Young and restless

Johnny Grant, Tinsel Town Mayor
Johnny Grant_former mayor of tinsletown

Ken Norton, Ex-Profi Boxer, knocked out Ali
Ken Norton broke 73 Alis jaw Ken Norton_Boxer knocked Ali out

Ken Norton und Eric Braeden

Peter Bergman “The Young & The Restless”
Peter Bergmann

Receiving another award-wished I could get the tape of it as it was sooooo great and so funny.
eric braeden_councilman tom labonge

LIL 01

Joshua Morrow (playing the son of Eric in Young and the Restless), Eric Braeden
LIL eric und joshua

Peter Bergman
LIl Peter Bergman_Jack Abbott jr.

Esther Zimmer from the movie “Vivre” with Hannelore Elsner, 2008, private party
Esther Zimmering_actress Vivere

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