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NOT ONLY LOS ANGELES, BUT ALSO NEW YORK CITY and other cities within the US and rest of the world.

Auf den folgenden Seiten fange ich langsam an, meine Fotos von Movie Locations in Los Angeles County und anderen Städten vorzustellen sowie einige Häuser von Stars. Aber auch Figuren etc. die was mit Film oder mit Schauspielern zu tun haben, werde ich hier auch verlinken.
In Los Angeles werden geführte Touren zu den Movie Star Homes in Hollywood und Beverly Hills angeboten.  Diesen Service habe ich nie in Anspruch genommen, aber evtl. möchte jemand dieses machen, wenn in LA.
Hier ein Link von vielen
I would like to show you some star homes and movie locations I have visited. But I will also mention places which have something to do with movies such as statues etc.  More will follow.
You can also book a tour in Los Angeles such with
If you want to see more movie locations such as in New York, please follow the  link


Meeting the stars

48 Hours      Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy    LA
Alice in Wonderland    sculpture, New York City
Al Pacino    Godfather Paramount Pictures LA
All I want for christmas  Union Station LA Downtown
American Pie    Malibu Pier, California Coast;  Home Long Beach
Animal House Car   Universal Studios LA
Anthony Quinn  Mural, LA Downtown
Arthur, LA Downtown
MacArthur, LA Downtown
As good as it gets    Jack Nicholson   Flatiron Building, New York City
Backdraft     at Universal Studios Los Angeles
Back to the Future  Car at the Universal Studios LA
Bagdad Cafe    1988 Marianne Segebrecht   “Bagdad Cafe”  desert of CA
Bagdad Cafe   original location of real Cafe
Batman    Warner Bros Studio: Arnold Schwarzenegger costume, car
Baywatch   David Hasseloff, Pamela Anderson    Baywatch Headquarters and Beach
Beau Bridges  home, LA
Beetlejuice   Universal Studios LA
Bethesda    Fountain  location of lots of movies such as for Ransom Mel Gibson   New York City
Beverly Hills Cop   Biltmore Hotel, LA Downtown
Big Trouble in Little China: Fire Station No 23, Los Angeles Downtown
Biltmore Hotel      Film location and former place of Presentation of Academy of Motion Picture
Blade Runner  (Harrison Ford)  Bradbury Building, LA Downtown    Union Station, LA Downtown
Blues Brothers    Collins State Prison, Joliet, IL        CAR at Universal Studios Los Angeles
Bow Bridge  NYC Central Park - location for many movies and TV Shows
Bradbury Building, Los Angeles Downtown    Blade Runner, Wolf, etc
Brady Bunch         old TV Show LA
Bruce Almighty    Universal Studios LA: Bruce’s home
Bugsy   Union Station LA Downtown
Channing Tatum
Charlie Chaplin   former house, LA, Charlie Chaplin Statue   (in LA Downtown)
Charlies Angeles Full Throttle    LA   Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore
Cheers    Paramount Studios  LA
Chevy Chase    “Community” TV Show Paramount Pictures LA
Chinatown Jack Nicholson, LA Downtown
Clark Gable and Carol Lombard    Honeymoon Hotel, Oatman Hotel, AZ
Clueless    School at Paramount Pictures LA
Community  TV Show   Paramount Pictures  LA
Conspiracy Theory    Mel Gibson   NYC:
Custom House
Criss Cross (Burt Lancaster)   Union Station, LA Downtown
Culver Hotel       Culver City, LA
Deep Space Nine   DS9    Paramount Pictures LA
Denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun   (James Dean)   LA
Desperate Housewives    Film Location Universal Studios
Devil’s Advocate   (Keanu Reeves)    New York City: Chambers St. Subway
Die hard with a vengeance  (Bruce Willis)  New York City
Don’t say a word    (Michael Douglas, Brittany Murphy)   New York City: The Ansonia
Dukes of the Hazzard    car, Warner Bros LA
East of Eden (James Dean) The Packard House, Mendocino/CA
Easy Rider    St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans
Easy Rider    Pine Breeze Inn, Bellemont, AZ,  Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, AZ
Lisa Edelstein, Actress, TV Show Dr. House
Edge of Eternity    1959   El Trovatore Motel, Kingman, AZ
Emergency Room    Hospital,Warner Bros LA
Enterprise Star Trek   Paramount Pictures LA
FAME (1980) Debbie Allen (played the teacher Lydia) has her own dance studio in Culver City, California (Los Angeles)
Fast and Furios Tokyo Drift    Universal Studios LA
Flatliners: Fire Station Los Angeles Downtown

The Flintstones Pre Historic Park   AZ
The Flintstones BBQ    Universal Studios LA
Harrison Ford’s son  Fords Filling Restaurant, Culver City, CA
Forrest Gump    the bench, Paramount Pictures LA, Walnut Creek Bridge, Arizona
Foxfire     Oatman, AZ
Four Aces Movie Set, CA
Frank Sinatra’s grave, Palm Springs, CA
Friends   NYC: Appartment Building, Museum of Ntl. History (Ross’s work place);  LA: Central Perk (Warner Bros.)
Ghostbusters   Biltmore Hotel, LA Downtown, NYC: Lincoln Center/Opera House, Columbia University, Fire Station, Foley Square, NY Public Library, Fire Station No 23 Interior Shootings, LA Downtown
George Clooney    Paramount Pictures Studios
Gilmore Girls   Warner Bros LA: place under tree, house, Lukes Diner
Godfather       Paramount Pictures LA
Golden Girls      house    TV Show from the 80s   LA
Gone with the wind     LA
Grand Central Station    location for lots of movies   New York City
Grapes of Warth     1940 with John Ford   Beckham County Courthouse, Sayre, OK
Gremlins     Warner Bros LA
Grey Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA   where lots of movies were made
Guilty By Suspicion (Robert de Niro)  Union Station LA Downtown
Hans Christian Andersen   sculpture, New York City,  statue in Solvang,  Museum, Solvang, CA, Square, Solvang
Harry met Sally   NYC: Washington Square Arch
Harry Potter   Warner Bros Studios:  Harry’s costume, car
Hart aber herzlich - Hart to Hart    TV Show 70s/80s    and  their home
Highlander    Madison Square Garden, New York City
Hitch   Will Smith, Kevin James NYC: Museum, Washington Square Arch
House Party II   Union Station LA Downtown
Howard Hughes  Paramount Pictures LA
How the West was Won    Oatman, AZ
Hunter   Union Station LA Downtown
Independence Day, LA Downtown
In good company     Madison Square Garden, New York City
In the line of fire     Clint Eastwood LA
Jack Nicholson     home  LA
James Dean   place of death  in Cholame, CA
Jamie Lee Curtis    The Fog
Jim Morrison   former home  LA, mural in Venice
John Lennon    New York City: Strawberry Field and home
John Steinbeck    Monterey, California
Jurassic Park    Universal Studios LA: Ride, Car
Kalifornia   (Brad Pitt, David Duchovny)   Roy’s, Amboy, CA,  Former the Ludlow Cafe, CA
Kathy Griffin
Kermit The Frog
Kill Bill Vol. 2 - The church         near Lancaster, CA
King Kong    Universal Studios LA
LA Confidential  LA
LA Law, LA Downtown
Leonard Nimony   Star Trek Paramount Pictures LA   also google him for lectures at Griffith Observatory
Leonardo diCaprio   The Aviator    Paramount Pictures Studios
Linda Carter  home, LA
Little Rascals, Culver City, CA
Lucile Ball   from “I love Lucy”   Paramount Pictures LA
Madonna       home till about 2009     LA
Magnum PI    Universal Studios LA: Car;  Hawaii:
Byodo-In Temple, Crouching Lion Inn, Kuaola Ranch, Old Pali Tunnels, Robin’s Nest
Mamma Mia    Universal Studios  Sound Stage
Marilyn Monroe    Roosevelt hotel where she stayed and where it is said that her ghost is still there in a mirror  LA
Marilyn Monroe   former home, LA
Marilyn Monroe   Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island, San Diego, CA
Marlene Dietrich Building  at Paramount Pictures LA
Married with children   Rose Bowl Bowling Alley, Tulsa, OK, Kate Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, IL
Matrix     Warner Bros Studios: car and look a likes, Keanu Reeves costume
Melrose Place  Los Angeles, CA
Men in black   NYC: Headquarter
Million Dollar Hotel      Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich     LA
Mummy     at Universal Studios Los Angeles
Mummy Returns Car    Universal Studios
Murder she wrote/Mord ist ihr Hobby    Mendocino, CA
National Treasure I     Nicholas Cage  Trinity Church    New York City
National Treasure, 2007  Grey Mansion, LA
New York     Film Location for New York City at Paramount Pictures Studios
Oatman Hotel     famous hotel in Oatman, AZ
Ocean Thirteen   Warner Bros LA
Pee Wee Adventures    Warner Bros LA, Dinosaurs/CA, Alamao/TX,
Dr. Phil    TV Show  Paramount Pictures LA
Police Academy 4  Warner Bros LA
Psycho    Universal Studios LA
Ransom     Mel Gibson   Bethesda   New York City
Roadhouse 66     Oatman, AZ
Seinfeld   New York City: Tom’s Diner; LA: House (Paramount Pictures)
Shirley Temple, LA Downtown
Shrek      Universal Studios LA
Simpsons    Ride at Universal Studios Los Angeles
Simpsons Studio
Single, white, female     New York City: The Ansonia
Something’s gotta give    Jack Nicholson  The Majestic Theatre New York City
Sonny Bono’s grave, Palm Springs, CA        The other half of Sonny and Cher
Sony Studios, Culver City, CA
Spartacus   Universal Studios LA
Speed    and Speed Jewelry District     Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock
Spiderman   LA:  Kiss scene (Warner Bros.); NYC: Parker’s Home, Flatiron Bldg., NY Public Library; Universal Studios LA: Spiderman II
Star Trek    Paramount Pictures Studios
Stefanie Powers Star    LA
Stefanie Powers home  LA
Stuart Little  NYC: Bethesda, Central Park
Superman  original movie       LA Downtown
Taxi Driver   (Jodie Foster)     New York City
Ted Danson   Cheers Paramount Pictures LA
Terminator Motorcycle    Universal Studios LA
The Ansonia    New York City
The Aviator     Howard Hughes Story    Leonardo Di Caprio   Paramount Pictures LA
The Birds  Alfred Hitchcock   The Church, The Potter School
The Day of tomorrow  NYC: Public Library
The Fabulous Baker Boys  Biltmore Hotel, LA Downtown
The Fog  Point Reyes Lighthouse, California Coast
The Hitcher    Roy’s, Amboy, CA
The Interpreter  Nicole Kidman  New York City: UN Office
The Killing Time, 1987   Mendocino, CA
Them     Sci-Fi    LA Downtown
The Mask: Fire Station No. 23, Los Angeles Downtown

The Owl   Union Station LA Downtown
The Phantom     LA Downtown
The Producers - The Majestic Theatre, New York City
The Sting, LA Downtown
Tootsie       Dustin Hoffman    New York City
Trona Pinnacles   Star Trek, Planet of the Apes
True Lies   Fine Arts Building, LA Downtown
UHF movie 1988   Rose Bowl Bowling Alley, Tulsa, OK
Union Station   LA Downtown    Movie location for hundreds of movies
Universal Studios Tour Los Angeles
Unsolved Mysteries   TV Show   Union Station LA Downtown
Uptown Girls     New York City: The Ansonia
Vertigo   cemetery at Mission Dolores,   Biltmore Hotel, LA Downtown
Warner Bros Studios LA
War of the World   Tom Cruise   Universal Studios LA
Waterworld Show    Universal Studios
Will Rogers Museum and Grave, Oklahoma     Will Rogers Hotel
Wizard of Oz, Culver City, CA
Wolf    (Jack Nicholson)  LA Downtown
Wollman Rink Central Park, New York City - location for many movies and TV Shows
Wonder Years, Culver City, CA
Woody Harelson    Cheers Paramount Pictures LA
You’ve got mail   Tom Hanks  New York City: Grays Papaya, Zabar, H&H Bagels, Cheese Maya Schaper Antiques



James Dean “Denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun”    Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave.

James Dean Denn sie wissen nicht Hollywood HighSchool 01 

James Dean Denn sie wissen nicht Hollywood HighSchool 02

CA Hollywood HighSchool JDean Denn sie wissen nicht 01


James Dean Denn sie wissen nicht Hollywood HighSchool 05

Golden Girls          back to top
aired on NBC from September 14, 1985 to May 9, 1992 with Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty, the show is about four older women sharing a home (owned by Blanche/Rue McClanahan) in Miami, Florida.
 Their TV home   245 North Saltair Ave., Los Angeles

Golden Girls 245 N Saltair Ave LA 01


Gone with the wind    Culver City                  back to top

Culver City_Gone with the wind 01 21.10.2007

Culver City_Gone with the wind 07 21.10.2007


Where the stars stayed while filming in Culver City          The Culver Hotel

Culver City_Culver Hotel 21.10.2007 03


In the line of Fire         Clint Eastwood       Los Angeles Downtown              back to top

LA Downtown In the line of Fire 01 

LA Downtown In the line of Fire 04

LA Downtown In the line of Fire 03
LA Downtown In the line of Fire 02


Melrose Place TV Show (the first)          back to top

Movie location MelrosePlacehome 01 

Movie location MelrosePlacehome 03

American Pie      Long Beach     back to top

Film location American Pie Long Beach


Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL Vol. 2 - The church
Location: East Ave G. at 200th Street East in Hi Vista in California

CA Hi Vista Kill Bill 2 200th_AveG 02

CA Hi Vista Kill Bill 2 200th_AveG 01

CA Hi Vista Kill Bill 2 200th_AveG 03
CA Hi Vista Kill Bill 2 200th_AveG 04

CA Hi Vista Kill Bill 2 200th_AveG 05

Re-visited June 8, 2013

CA Lancaster MovieLocation KillBill 01

CA Lancaster MovieLocation KillBill 02

CA Lancaster MovieLocation KillBill 03

You can combine it with e.g. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Park, Tronacle Pinnacles, Red Rock Canyon State Park

The Fire Station No. 23 at 225 E. 5th Street, Downtown Los Angeles was used for shootings for the interior of Ghostbusters Headquarters.
The Fire Station was also seen in movies such as The Mask, Big Trouble in Little China, Flatliners

Movie CA LA Downtown Ghostbusters

Lisa Edelstein, Actress
Best known for her role in DR HOUSE as Dr. Lisa Cuddy
She was sitting next to me in a Cafe in Los Angeles

Stars DrLisaCuddyDRHOUSELisaEdelstein

Kathy Griffin House
Los Angeles, Irish actress, comedian, TV Host

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KathyGriffin House


Four Aces

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CA LakeLosAngeles 09 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 01 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 02 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 03 Four Aces_MovieLocation  CA LakeLosAngeles 04 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 05 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 06 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 07 Four Aces_MovieLocation

CA LakeLosAngeles 08 Four Aces_MovieLocation


CA LakeLosAngeles 10

Kermit the Frog
Hollywood/Los Angeles

Me and Kermit

My former neighbour  Channing Tatum
actor, nominee sexiest man alive 2012

Channing Tatum

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