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 The Netherlands

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I grew up in a town next to the dutch border. Then, I did not really thought of taking pictures as I was kinda home. I was interested already in photography, but not so much that I bought a decent camera. I was even too young to by a good one by myself. And then there was no digital cameras. Therefore I do not have many digital pictures to upload on my webpage. Now, time has changed and I will get more decent pictures :-)

Lattrop-Breklenkamp    Windmill
Tilligte    Windmill

  (see also Windmills in Germany)
Windmill Standermuehle


NL Breklenkamp 01

NL Breklenkamp 02

NL Breklenkamp 03

NL Breklenkamp 04

NL Breklenkamp 05

NL Breklenkamp 06

NL Breklenkamp 07


Oortmanmolen / Oortman Windmill
NL LattropBreklenkamp 01

NL LattropBreklenkamp 02

NL LattropBreklenkamp 03

NL LattropBreklenkamp 04

NL LattropBreklenkamp 05






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April, 26, 2006

NL Denekamp 01 26.04.2006

NL Denekamp 02

NL Denekamp 03   NL Denekamp 04

NL Denekamp 05

Fun stuff in comparison to german
VERKOCHT means sold, but in german it means overcooked
NL Denekamp 06

NL Denekamp 07     NL Denekamp 08

NL Denekamp 09    NL Denekamp 10

NL Denekamp 12   NL Denekamp 11

NL Denekamp 13

NL Denekamp 14

NL Denekamp 15

NL Denekamp 16

NL Denekamp 17

NL Denekamp 18   NL Denekamp 19

NL Denekamp 20

NL Denekamp 21 26.04.2006


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April 26, 2006

NL Enschede 01 26042006

NL Enschede 02 26042006

NL Enschede 03 26042006

NL Enschede 04 26042006

NL Enschede 05 26042006

NL Enschede 06 26042006

NL Enschede 07 26042006    NL Enschede 08 26042006

NL Enschede 09 26042006

NL Enschede 10 26042006

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