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Coca Cola Pics Worldwide

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ISRAEL - Coca Cola Company
CocaCola 01 Israel coca cola

PALESTINE - Ramallah
CocaCola 02 PAL Ramallah 02

PALESTINE - Ramallah famous lion in the middle of the city
CocaCola 03 PAL Ramallah 01

CocaCola 04 Costa Rica 01

CocaCola 06 Costa Rica 03 CocaCola 07 Costa Rica 04

USA California - CA 395 Texaco Inn
CocaCola 08 USA CA 395TexacoInnDesert

CocaCola 09 USA CA CA395

USA California - Randsburg
CocaCola 10 USA CA Randsburg_Ghost Town

CocaCola 12 USA CA 395 Randsburg 01

CocaCola 11 USA CA 395 Randsburg 02

USA Arizona - Goldfield Ghosttown
CocaCola 43 USA AZ GoldfieldGhosttown

JAPAN Ouchijiki
CocaCola 14 J Ouchijiki 01

JAPAN Aizuwakamatsu
CocaCola 15 J Aizuwakamatsu Benches

JAPAN Daikannon in Sendai - Toilet
CocaCola 16 J DaiKannon Sendai

JAPAN - Lake Chuzenji - FutarasanShrine
CocaCola 17 J Lake Chuzenji_FutarasanShrine

JAPAN Tokyo - Sky Tree
CocaCola 18 J Tokyo Sky Tree

JAPAN Tokyo Ikebukuro
CocaCola 19 J Tokyo Ikebukuro

JAPAN Yokohama
CocaCola 20 J Yokohama CCStation

CocaCola 21 J Yokohama 01   CocaCola 22 J Yokohama 02

JAPAN Aoyama - typical soda machines all over Japan
CocaCola 28 J Tokyo Aoyama

JAPAN Mutsu with boat
CocaCola 26 J Mutsu with boat

CocaCola 27 J Mutsu 02

CocaCola 41 J Tokyo

CocaCola 42 J Tokyo Winter

CocaCola 24 Philippines Makati City

PHILIPPINES Manila AlmacenesReales
CocaCola 25 Philippines Manila AlmacenesReales

CocaCola 31 India Agra

CHINA Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tv Tower
CocaCola 32 CHN Shanghai OrientalPearlTvTower - Kopie

CHINA Hong Kong Fringe Club
CocaCola 36 CHN HongKong FringeClub 02

CocaCola 35 CHN HongKong FringeClub 01

CocaCola 34 Schweiz

CocaCola 29 D Berlin 01

CocaCola 30 D Berlin Pirates

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