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17 Miles Drive
The Lonely Tree
Pebble Beach
Mystery Spot
Carmel by the Sea
Hog’s Breath Inn      Clint Eastwood’s Restaurant
Hitchcock Road
Granite Canyon Bridge 1932
Rocky Creek Bridge 1932
Bixby Bridge 1932


17 Miles Drive

CA PCH 369 17 Miles Drive

CA PCH 370


The Lonely Tree

CA PCH 340 Lonely Tree

CA PCH 341 Lonely Tree


Pebble Beach

CA PCH 429

CA PCH 430

CA PCH 431 CA PCH 435

CA PCH 434

CA PCH 436 CA PCH 432

CA PCH 433


bei / close to  Ano Nuevo Bay / Red Woods State
CA PCH 222

CA PCH 223

CA PCH 224

CA PCH 225

CA PCH 226


Mystery Spot, 465 Mystery Spot Road, Santa Cruz

CA PCH 240

CA PCH 241

CA PCH 242

Fuer Bilder zur Mission San Juan Bautista klicke bitte hier               For pictures of Mission San Juan Bautista please click here

Sidetrip Mission Nuestra Senora de Soledad

Driving to Carmel

CA PCH 243


Hog’s Breath Inn, San Carlos St, San Carlos St, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA‎ - (831) 625-1044‎
Restaurant von Clint Eastwood.

CA PCH 244 Carmel

CA PCH 245

CA PCH 246

CA PCH 247

CA PCH 248


Ich entdeckte die “Hitchcock Road” und musste unbedingt ein Foto vom Strassenschild machen...
Suddenly I came across with “Hitchcock Road”. I took a picture of the street sign.

CA PCH 258 Salinas Hitchcock Road

CA PCH 259 street sign hitchock road

Ich befuhr diese Strasse allerdings nicht.  I did not travel on the Hitchcock Road.
CA PCH 260

CA PCH 293

CA PCH 294

CA PCH 295


CA PCH 296

CA PCH 297

CA PCH 298

CA PCH 299

CA PCH 300

CA PCH 301

CA PCH 302


Bixby Bridge 1932
CA PCH 303

CA PCH 307


Piedras Blancas Lighthouse
When it is time for the sea lions to come to shore, then you should be lucky to see them here at this beach. This place is close to Big Sur.

CA PCH 308

CA PCH 309 CA PCH 310

Eine kleine musikalische Einstimmung zum baldigen Sonnenuntergang.
CA PCH 311

CA PCH 312

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