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J e r i c h o

PAL  Jericho 28

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Pictures from 2003 till 2006

Below some pictures of Jericho and daily life plus have a look at the index


Deir Quruntal / Mt. of Temptation
Hisham Palace
Horseback Riding
Tree of Life


After the first checkpoint which is israelian, there is another one, but palestinian (since 2005)
The palestinian checkpoint
(May 22, 2005)

PAL Jericho Pic 13 checkpoint

PAL Jericho 01


Hotel Oasis (October 24, 2004)

On September 16, 1998, a medium-sized casino (35 tables - later increased  several times - and 220 slot machines) and hotel (220 rooms) jointly  called Oasis were opened on the souther outskirts of Jericho. Owned by  the Palestine Investment Fund as well as foreign investors including  Austrian financier Martin Shlaff and South African financier Cyril Kern  and operated by Casinos Austria, the project was the largest private  employer in the West Bank with over 1 000 local and foreign workers  (mainly coupiers).
Hamas who originally opposed the opening of the casino, refuses to reopen it while heading the Palestinian Government.

PAL Jericho Oasis Hotel

PAL Jericho 02

      PAL Jericho 03 PAL Jericho 04

PAL Jericho 05

PAL Jericho 06

PAL Jericho 11

President’s Office
PAL Jericho 12 präsidentenbüro

PAL Jericho Pic 14

March 27, 2005 (for the following 11 pictures)
Visiting friends in Jericho

PAL Jericho Pic 01

PAL Jericho Pic 02

PAL Jericho Pic 03

PAL Jericho Pic 04

PAL Jericho Pic 05

PAL Jericho Pic 06

PAL Jericho Pic 07

Making fun for the camera with the parent’s water pipe.
PAL Jericho Pic 08

PAL Jericho Pic 09

PAL Jericho Pic 10

PAL Jericho Pic 11

PAL Jericho Pic 12


Enjoying a bicycle ride (October 24, 2004)

PAL Jericho Pic 17

PAL Jericho Pic 16

PAL Jericho Pic 18

PAL Jericho Pic 19


Horseback Riding

I took some horseback riding lessons in Jericho. At these stables, former President Arafat keeps his black horse (it was a gift).The owner of the stables takes once a week some disabled children to enjoy a day out here and they also ride horses under attendance.

PAL Jericho Horse 01

PAL Jericho Horse 02

PAL Jericho Horse 03

one of the customer’s German Shepard
PAL Jericho Horse 04

PAL Jericho Horse 05

PAL Jericho Horse 06

PAL Jericho Horse 07

PAL Jericho Horse 08

PAL Jericho Horse 09

PAL Jericho Horse 12

They also take in abandoned and street dogs and trying to get a nice home for them.
PAL Jericho Horse 10

PAL Jericho Horse 13

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