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Deir Quruntul / Mt. of Temptation


January 30, 2005 and July 30, 2005

In 340 St. Chariton built a chapel on the summit of the hill and another was built by the cave in which Jesus sheltered. Jesus fasted here after being baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist and was tempted by the devil: “If thou be the son of god, command that these stones be made bread”.
But he answered and said: “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”  (Matthew 4, 1-4).  The Greek Orthodox church accquired the site in 1875, and in 1895 built the Sarandarion monastery (a name which refers to the forty days of Jesus fast) half way up the hill.

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 01

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 02

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 03

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 04

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 05

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 06

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 07

Sharing the cable box with these two little fellows who where playing around for my camera.
PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 15

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 16

view of the Monastery
PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 08

restaurant up the mountain where your cable car will also arrive
PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 09

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 10

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 12

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 11

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 13

PAL Jericho DeirQuruntul 14


The Tree of Life


October 14, 2005

It is about 2 000 years old (for the ones who want to believe that ...)

Everybody who wanted to enter Jericho had to pay customs to the tax collector names Zachaus. He was quite unpopular. One day, he heard that Jesus will come to town. He absolutely wanted to meet him. As Zachaus was not tall enough, he could not see Jesus through the crowd. So he climbed up a tree to get a better view. When Jesus passed him he said: “I’ve collected too much money. That was not right. I want to put everything right. Half of my money goes to the poor. And I want to give the money back to the ones who paid too much.  Jesus replied: “Today is your lucky day. God is happy about you. Everybody is allowed to come to God and to start over”.

PAL Jericho 07

PAL Jericho 09

PAL Jericho 08


H i s h a m  P a l a c e


January 30, 2005

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 01

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 02

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 03

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 04

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 05

The so called  “window” standing in the court yard
PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 06

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 07

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 10

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 11

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 12

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 13

Following two pictures show how the floor originally looks like. In order to protect the mosaique they covered it with sand.
PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 14 mosaik im hamam-covered by sand now

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 15 mosaik im hamam-covered by sand

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 16

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 17

On the south  side, stairs lead to the swimming pool. The little room in the north  west corner was of special importance for it has one of the most  beautiful and elaborately decorated mosaic floor in the world, the “Tree of life”. The design with a fruit tree and gazelles was clearly made in imitation of a carpet. On the plan, the room is labeled a guestroom.
PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 18 hisham mosaik

PAL Jericho Hisham Palace 19

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