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The Wall

The Israeli Wall is about 700 kilometers / 430 miles long and is about 8 meters / 26 feet high. The wall also separated many Palestinians home from their own businesses leaving them miserable and if stucked behind the wrong side, the people even lost their Jerusalem ID. Some parts of the wall even is so close to houses leaving them without sunlight. Fences put up on palestinian ground and taking away the land, is for some villages nearly a death penalty - got separated from grocery shops, doctors and schools. Adults are not allowed to cross that -dont wanna tell which one - street as it is said now israelian land. If they wanna cross the streets, palestinians are getting shot or put in jail leaving them without any human rights. Only children can cross when going to school but also risking their lives due to high traffic / fast cars. Sh a beautiful countries with so many problems.


2006 - Palestinian side

PAL 22

PAL 23

PAL A Ram 01

PAL A Ram 02

PAL A Ram 04

PAL A Ram 06

PAL A Ram 07

PAL A Ram 08

PAL A Ram 09

PAL A Ram 10

PAL A Ram 11

PAL A Ram 12

PAL Ramallah 67 a ram

PAL Ramallah 68 qalandia kaik

Qalandia - a checkpoint as well
PAL Ramallah 69 qalandia

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