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In this area you can also visit:  Joshua Tree National Park, Noah Purify Art Open Air Museum, Christ Desert Museum, Palms Springs
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The Giant Rock is the biggest free standing boulder. The rock was a gathering spot of UFO believers from the 50s to the 70s. The biggest among them was George van Tassel who also built the Integration near by.  Click here  for infos on the Integration.

The Integration is the creation of George van Tassel and is based on the design of Moses’ tabernacle. The writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. The domed structure 35 feet high and 55 feet in diameter, was originally constructed of wood and fiberglass without the aid of metal fastners. In 1947 van Tassel began operating the giant rock airport a short distance northeast of here and in 1953 initiated communications with extra terrestrials. He subsequently hosted 17 spacecraft conventions for UFO enthusiasts. The purpose of the integration is the rejuvenation of the human body, similar to recharging a battery and basic research in time travel. According to van Tassel, the integratron is located on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, will concentrate and amplify the energy required for cell rejuvenation. This energy is created by the revolution of an external ring at the shoulder of the building. Generating electrostatic forces that are fed to the stator centered in the lower room. Construction began in 1957, but was incomplete at van Tassel’s death in 1978.

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From here you get to the GIANT ROCK

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 Palm Springs

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Sony Bono
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Ich erblickte einen Laden mit signierten Sachen von diversen Künstlern. Mir fiel das eingerahmte Foto mit Originalscheck aus 1958 von Lucille Ball von der schwarz/weiss Serie “I love Lucy” auf. Kostenpunkt US$ 1200.

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Entlang der Hauptstraße befinden sich einige Sterne wie am Hollywood Blvd. Along the main street you’ll find some stars similar to the ones on the Hollywood Blvd...

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Indian Canyon   38520 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs

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Desert Memorial Friedhof, 31705 Da Vall Dr, Cathedral City

Sonny Bono
16th.February 1935 - 5th.January 1998.  died due to a skiing accident.   Grave location in section B row 35.
Sonny Bono wrote many hit songs and got also famous with Cher. He is now “living” again in CHER’s show in Las Vegas. She is showing clips from their Sonny and Cher TV Show. Sonny & Cher went on to have many hits in the 60's as well as a USA TV show. Their parting came in the 70's with a divorce and Cher going solo. Sonny became  Mayor of Palm Springs in 1988 and become a US congressman. Desert Memorial Park, Palm Springs.

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Family Sinatra
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Frank Sinatra
12th.December 1915 - 14th.May 1998  -- died due a heart attack
grave is located in section B, row 8, #151

Legend has it that Sinatra was buried in a blue suit with a flask of Jack Daniel's whiskey, a roll of ten dimes (in reference to the kidnapping of his son, see above), a Zippo lighter (which some take to be a reference to his mob connections) and a pack of Camel cigarettes. The words "The Best is Yet to Come" are imprinted on his tombstone.

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Architectural Self-Guided Tour

“Tramway Gas Station” (Nr. 1) (Palm Springs Visitor Center), 2901 N. Palm Canyon Drive, built in 1965, designed by Albert Frey and Robson Chambers - Conceived by developer Culver Nichols as an entry statement to Palm Springs, the roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid of steel I-beams and corrugated metal roofing supported by steel tubular pillars. Albert Frey was consulted in its 1998-1999 adaptive reuse as a sculpture gallery -
Historic Site Preservation Board #33

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“House of Tomorrow/Robert&Helene Alexander House (Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway)”
 (Nr. 13), 1962, William Krisel, 1350 Via Ladera Circle

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“Fire Station #1” (Nr. 62) built in 1955, Designed by Albert Frey and Robson C. Chambers-277 N. Indian Canyon Drive
- this fire station is associated with the development of the commercial core and serves as an example of a post-war, modern civic building. The tones of the unpainted block and corrugated metal fascias are complementary to the desert. A unique feature is the flagpole design, which pierces the roof overhang (#39).
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“Villa Alejo Condominiums” (Nr. 64), 1966, Meyers & Koozin, 277 E. Alejo Road
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“Frank Sinatra House” (Nr. 67), 1946, E. Stewart Williams, 1148 E. Alejo Road
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