“It might be too late to change the world, but never too late to see it”

Flag Colorado

Travelled to Colorado from Costa Rica by plane on May 30, 2013. I had a Jeep Patriot as a rental and started my roadtrip with a one day stay in Denver heading to Nevada (ending in Los Angeles/CA) over I-70.

Devils Gate High Bridge    Historic, train tour
Eisenhower Tunnel
The House with the Eye Museum and Carriage House
Heritage Museum
Tabor Opera House
Twin Lakes

Index Denver
City County Building
Convention Center
Denver Skyline
Denver Skyline with Theme Park
Flanigan Courthouse
Public Library
State Capitol
Supreme Court
Two Rivers    - walk along the river, view of Skyline, old trains, old train track



I stayed at Crowne Plaza in Downtown Denver for one night. The hotel was a good choice as it was quite easy to get to the “attractions” I wanted to see by foot.

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Downtown Skyline with the mountains in the back - some are still covered with snow
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Denver Skyline with Elitch Amusement Park
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Two Rivers that were here before there was a city still come together. One is a mountain river flowing into the prairie, one is a prairie river flowing toward the mountains but feeling them and turning back the way some of the people who came here did. Most of the time these people hardly seemed to realize they wanted to be remembered, because the mountains told them not to die.

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Colorado Convention Center, 14th Street
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Bellco Theatre
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Colorado State Capitol
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Denver Public Library
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City and County Building
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From here you have a straight view to the State Capitol
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