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Huntington Library
Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

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1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108,  626-405-2100,

Huntington Library befindet sich etwas oestlich von Los Angeles in San Marino.
Oeffnungszeiten:  montags/mittwochs bis freitags: 12 Uhr mittag bis 16.30 Uhr; samstags/sonntags: 10.30 bis 16.30 Uhr; dienstags geschlossen.
Sommerzeiten: von Memorial Day bis Labor Day: 10:30 bis 16:30 Uhr taeglich ausser dienstags, Feiertage auf Montage: 10:30 bis 16:30 Uhr.
business hours: mondays/wednesdays to fridays: 12 p.m. till 4.30 p.m.; saturdays/sundays: 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., closed tuesdays.
sommer hours: from Memorial Day to Labor Day: 10.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m. daily except tuesdays, holidays on mondays: 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 pm
Huntington Library is located East of Los Angeles in San Marino.

Huntington Library beinhaltet nicht nur eine private Kollektion von zeitlichen Buechern und Skulpturen, sondern eine grosse wunderschoene Gartenanlage: Wueste, tropische Gaerten, japanischer und chinesischer Garten etc.
Donnerstags ist der Eintritt frei. ABER. Man muss das Ticket fuer diesen Tag per Telefon oder online reservieren und sich fuer eine Ankunftszeit am Morgen oder am Nachmittag entscheiden. Bitte auch hierzu die Internetseite checken.

CA HuntingtonLibrary 01

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Sarah Goodin Barrett Mouton “Pinkie”, 1794, Sir Thomas Lawrence (British, 1769-1830)

Judith Barrett commissioned this painting of her granddaughter, Sarah Goodin Barrett Mouton, to ease the pain of the child’s absence. Sarah, known to her family as “Pinkie”, was raised in the British colony of Jamaica before being sent to England for schooling. Mrs. Barrett requested that her granddaughter’s painting should depact her “in an easy, careless attitude”. Pinkie’s brilliant hat ribbons flutter in the breeze, while a gust of wind kicks up her lustrous white skirts. With her right arm bent behind her back, her left arm raised in front of her chest, and her right toe pointed, Pinkie appears ready to perform one of the sophisticated dance steps she would have recently learned demonstrating for her grandmother the civilized refinements she was aquiring in England. Lawrence’s use of a low horizon heightens the monumentality of his scintillating depiction of this young girl, who died (11 years old) on April 23, 1795 just a year after completion of the painting, probably of whooping cough contracted from one of ther brothers.
His idealized portrayal of a childhood led to “Pinkie’s” international fame and iconic status.







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The Garden area
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who knew at this point that I will see so many japanese gardens actually in Japan

CA HuntingtonLibrary 28

CA HuntingtonLibrary 29 Bonsai Court  CA HuntingtonLibrary 31

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        CA HuntingtonLibrary 36 CA HuntingtonLibrary 37

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CA HuntingtonLibrary 61

Ke e n e

Some pictures on the way to   Keene TB Hospital    which was the main goal of my today’s trip.

CA Keene TBWard 04

The spooky abandoned TB Hospital

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I wanted to visit this strange place, because it is a strange one and not a tourist place. I was always after old and kinda special places. Therefore I rushed into the North on May 8, 2010 to take some pictures.
This TB ward (hospital) housed such lots of TB victims that it was forced to close its doors. Today it is quite abandoned. You can lurk through a few windows and see still mattresses, filing cabinets etc. standing or laying around. It looks quite creepy from inside. Outside you should be careful walking around as it is not maintenant.
There is a legend that still children’s voices and laughs can be heard in the children’s ward. And for the rest of the building they say that also voices and noises can be heard.
As entering the abandoned ward is forbidden, you will never encounter the voices. Believe the legend or not...

CA Keene TBWard 24

CA Keene TBWard 25

CA Keene TBWard 26

CA Keene TBWard 27  CA Keene TBWard 28

CA Keene TBWard 29  CA Keene TBWard 30

CA Keene TBWard 32    CA Keene TBWard 33  CA Keene TBWard 35

CA Keene TBWard 38

CA Keene TBWard 39 

CA Keene TBWard 41 CA Keene TBWard 40

CA Keene TBWard 42

CA Keene TBWard 43 CA Keene TBWard 44

CA Keene TBWard 45

CA Keene TBWard 46

CA Keene TBWard 50  CA Keene TBWard 51

CA Keene TBWard 52

CA Keene TBWard 53

CA Keene TBWard 54

CA Keene TBWard 56 CA Keene TBWard 57

CA Keene TBWard 62

CA Keene TBWard 63

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