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P a s a d e n a

Old Town
Castle Green
Huntington Library

Old Town
befindet sich entlang der Strasse Colorado Blvd. und zwischen ca. Fair Oaks Ave. und Arroyo Parkway.
Hier reihen sich Geschäfte neben Restaurants wie Tiffany’s, Hooters, Diners, Apple Store, Cheesecake Factory...

Pasadena 07 Old Town

Pasadena 09 Old Town Jakes Burger 01 

Pasadena 10 Old Town Jakes Burger 02

Castle Green
99 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, Tel. 626-577-6765,
Das “Moorish Building” war ein Hotel in den 20iger Jahren und ist nunmehr ein grosses Appartmentcomplex. Das Gebaeude bzw der Turm davor, wurde in vielen Filmen gezeigt wie “The Sting”, “Edward Scissorhands” (mit Johnny Depp), “The Last Samurai” (mit Tom Cruise), “The Prestige”.  
Das Komplex ist “geschuetzt” durch ein Tor. Allerdings gibt es eine Tour am ersten Sonntag des Dezembers sowie Juni.

Pasadena 13 Old Town Castle Green_sting_last sumarai_prestige_former hotel 

Pasadena 12 Old Town Castle Green_sting_last sumarai_prestige_former hotel

Wrigley Manson, 391 S. Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena 01 Wrigley Mansion_391 S Orange Grove Blvd

Gamble House, 4 W. Moreland Place
Pasadena 02 Gamble House_4 Wmoreland Pl

Pasadena 03 Rose Bowl    Pasadena 04 Burlington Arcade_380 S Lake Ave 01

                          Headquarter for presidential election, S. Lake Ave.
Pasadena 06 Obama Office S Lake Ave

The City Hall

Pasadena City Hall 01     Pasadena City Hall 02

Pasadena City Hall 04 

Pasadena City Hall 05

Robinson Memorial
Pasadena Robinson Memorial 01

                                        Pasadena Robinson Memorial 02    Pasadena Robinson Memorial 03


M o j a v e

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I drove another time to Mojave (City) to find the airplane graveyard. I have found it, but the thing is that it is not allowed to take pictures!!! The planes are privately owned and they sell the parts to airline companies etc. If you drive up to the office, go inside and ask for a tour. It had cost me 10 dollars and I was alone with the employee. He drove me around the graveyard. It was quite fun to see the old exploited planes. If you need an approximate address for the graveyard you can use the following: 16946 Roper Street, Mojave

CA Mojave 11   CA Mojave 12 16946RoperSt

CA Mojave 13

CA Mojave 14

CA Mojave 02

CA Mojave 01

CA Mojave 03

CA Mojave 04

CA Mojave 05

CA Mojave 06    CA Mojave 10

CA Mojave 07

CA Mojave 08

CA Mojave 09

CA Mojave 17   CA Mojave 15

CA Mojave 16

look also for more pics on Mojave Desert:    Baker, Mojave National Preserve


R i c h m o n d

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June 10, 2010

CA Richmond 11

CA Richmond 01 

CA Richmond 02

CA Richmond 04

CA Richmond 05     CA Richmond 03

CA Richmond 10

CA Richmond 13

CA Richmond 14

CA Richmond 15

CA Richmond 16

CA Richmond 17

CA Richmond 19   CA Richmond 18

CA Richmond 25    CA Richmond 26

CA Richmond 27 

CA Richmond 28

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