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C u l v e r  C i t y

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Harrison Ford’s Son’s Restaurant
Culver Hotel
Movie The Little Rascals, The Wonder Years, Laurel and Hardy,
Sony Studios
Gone with the wind and The Wizard Of Oz

Harry Hazel Culver zog in 1910 von Nebraska nach Kalifornien wo er seinen Traum erfuellte indem er 1917 Culver City gruendete. Heute ist Culver City das zu Hause vom Filmstudio Goldwyn Studio (1915) was in 1924 zu Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer wurde und heute Sony Picture Studios heisst. Sony übernahm die Studios 1990, die zuerst Columbia Pictures hiessen.
Harry Hazel Culver moved in 1910 from Nebraska to California where he fulfilled his dream in establishing Culver City in 1917. Today, Culver City is home to Sony Pictures which was the Goldwyn Studio in 1915 then Metro-Goldwyn Mayer in 1924. Sony took over the studios in 1990 which were before Columbia Pictures.

Culver City hat auch vorzuegliche Cafes und Restaurants zu bieten. Auch Harrison Ford’s Sohn Benjamin ist hier mit “Ford’s Filling Station” vertreten.
Es ist moeglich, die Sony Studios zu besuchen sowie bei Live Aufnahmen von Game, Talk oder Comedy Shows als Zuschauer dabei zu sein. Kostenlose Tickets kann man buchen unter

Culver City offers also cinemas, shops and good restaurants. Harrison Ford’s son Benjamin cooks in his restaurant “Ford’s Filling” which is a nice healthy restaurant (lots of olives). You can visit the Sony Studios or be in the audience of a game or TV Show by getting a ticket on  
Be aware that even if you hold a ticket, you have to be there more than an hour before the show starts as you are not entiteld to a seat if it is “booked out”. They give more tickets out than there are seats as people do not show up. First come first serve policy.

Das „Culver Hotel“ mit seinen 6 Etagen, wurde in 1924 eroeffnet. Kann man sich vorstellen, dass damals jeweils nur ein Badezimmer pro Etage gab?
     The “Culver Hotel” with its 6 floors, opened its doors in 1924. Can you imagine that they only had one bathroom on each floor?
Culver City Hotel

In diesem Hotel wurden die Schauspieler einquartiert waehrend Film-Dreh in Culver City. In 1997 wurden die Renovierungsarbeiten abgeschlossen (und in das Register für „Historic Places“ aufgenommen) und weitere Renovierungen sollten in 2007 unter neuem Management folgen.
Das Hotel war zu sehen in Filme wie „The Wonder years“ (Meine wunderbaren Jahre), „7th Heaven“ (Eine himmliches Familie), “Laurel & Hardy“ (Dick und Doof) sowie „The little rascals“.
Movie stars who filmed in Culver City stayed at this hotel. When the renovations in 1997 ended, the hotel was registered as “Historical Place”. More renovations would follow in 2007 under new management. The hotel was seen in films such as “The Wonder Years”, “7th Heaven”, “Laurel & Hardy” sowie “Little rascals”.

Kirk Douglas Theatre
Culver City kirk douglas theatre

Sony Studios
Culver city sony spiderman


1939 wurden hier die Filme „Gone with the wind“ (siehe Foto unten) und „The Wizard of Oz“ gedreht.
Picture below: The front was used in the movies such as “Gone with the wind”, 1939 and “The Wizard of Oz”.

Culver City_Gone with the wind 07 21.10.2007

The  W e n d e  M u s e u m

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5741 Buckingham Pkwy # E, Culver City,
The young Justinian Jampol was collecting in his free time remains of Cold War East Germany. He took them also out of garbage cans. With the help of his family, he was able to open The Wende Museum in Culver City. People from all over the world were also sending him collectibles from the era he was looking for.
If you want to visit this museum, please call them up to make the required arrangements as the museum is only opened once a month.

Thanks for the great private tour we have enjoyed with former curator, Dr. Silke Hilger, on October 26, 2007.

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Lenin Sculpture by Csorvassy Istvan, Romania ca. 1950, Carved Wood
The wood Lenin sculpture, carved by the ethnic Hungarian artist Csorvassy Istvan, was a gift to the Central Committee of the SED, the ruling party of East Germany. The sculpture was awarded by the Central Committee of the Romanian Workers’ Party, which became the Romanian Communist Party in 1965.

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The huge archive in the basement. They piled up lots of the Cold War Era of East Germany.
CA CulverCity Wende Museum 28

    Showing us some paintings...
CA CulverCity Wende Museum 30      CA CulverCity Wende Museum 32

CA CulverCity Wende Museum 33

This is how they take the pics of the item which have to be catalogued.
CA CulverCity Wende Museum 36

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