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- Hollywood Forever Cemetery
- Hollywood Blvd.
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  - Graumans Handprints
  - Hollywood Museum
  - Prints of the stars at Graumans Theatre
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  - plus  a hike to the view of the sign from behind on Mt. Lee !!!
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Lucky Strike Bowling
Mussos Grill
Paramount Pictures
Sunset Blvd.   some pics for now  for more look at West Hollywood
Walk of Fame
Hollywood Sign


Hollywood Forever Cemetery   
6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA,

Dieser Friedhof ist wirklich einzigartig. Hier sind viele Stars begraben. Mitten drin ist ein kleiner See.
This cemetery is kinda  nice. You can also find some graves of famous people. The cemterey includes also a little lake.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Vorne zu sehen ist der beruehmte Gitarrist, Johnny Ramone, geb. John Cummings, 8.10.1948 - 15.09.2004, von den “Ramones”. 
You see here the grave of the famous gitarrist, Johnny Ramone, born John Cummings, Oct 8, 1948 - Sept 15, 2004, from the band “Ramones”.
Auf seinem Stein steht: / His grave stone says:
"If a man can tell if he's been successful in his life by having great friends, then I have been very successful".

Der Friedhof ist wunderschoen angelegt. Man kommt sich fast wie in einem Park vor. Kein Wunder, das Hollywood diesen Friedhof auch als Filmlocation bereits genutzt hat.
Ein Friedhof sollte eine Ruhestaette sein, aber sie haben hier wohl nichts gegen die Zulassung zum Dreh eines Filmes und Konzertevents und Filmvorfuehrungen. Eine Karte ueber den Friedhof kann man fuer US $ 5 vor Ort kaufen. Ohne Mappe findet man die Graeber leider nicht so einfach bis gar nicht.

The cemetery is a nice one. You get kinda a park feeling. No wonder that Hollywood used it for filming. A cemetery should be a quiet place, but here they allow filming, concerts and movie showing. Kinda strange. You can buy a map for $ 5 at the cemetery otherwise you cannot find the graves you are looking for.

at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Celebrated in Hollywood on November 1, but already on October 24, 2009 they started to celebrate it at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Decorating the graves, just decoration without any connection to the dead family member, people dressed like the dead, dancing,
singing, acting on stage, food and drinks.

LA DayOfDeath 01 entrance

LA DayOfDeath 03 entrance    LA DayOfDeath 02 entrance

Altar - relatives decorate their relative’s graves
LA DayOfDeath altar 01

day of death 4362

day of death 4366

day of death 4368

day of death 4371

day of death 4370

day of death 4377

day of death 4382

day of death 4411

day of death 4417

day of death 4428

day of death 4436

 day of death altar 01    day of death 4432

day of death altar 02

Day of death dancing

LA DayOfDeath altar 02    LA DayOfDeath altar pumpkin

LA DayOfDeath altar 04 girl posing

LA DayOfDeath altar mexican

LA DayOfDeath death girls

LA DayOfDeath family death

LA DayOfDeath guy at grave
LA DayOfDeath old guy

LA DayOfDeath mask 

LA DayOfDeath masked devil

day of death 4442

day of death 4447

day of death 4454

day of death 4459     day of death 4469

day of death 4482

LA DayOfDeath stage

dancing with the beloved dead ... after he woke up from the death only to dance with her for the last time before he “dies again”.

LA DayOfDeath night stage

day of death 4573

day of death 4599

day of death 4616

day of death 4632

day of death 4666

day of death 4679

day of death 4709

LA DayOfDeath night death couple

LA DayOfDeath night mexican death

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