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H o l l y w o o d  S i g n

Below  I am showing you three options to see the Hollywood Sign close up
Hike to Hollywood sign to have a look behind the sign
Lake Hollywood

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Vorab Info. Wie alles auf meiner Homepage berichte ich in erster Linie ueber meine eigenen Erfahrungen. Inwieweit man zum Hollywood Sign laufen darf, kann ich nicht genau sagen. Auf alle Faelle war es vollkommen okay (Park Ranger war auch vor Ort) bis zum unteren Bereich vom Hollywood Sign ---bis zu den Warnschildern am Abhang--- zu laufen.
Nur Parken darf man nach dem unten abgebildetem Warnschild NICHT!

Info: Here I am showing you the way to the Hollywood Sign which I took. This is not an official info nor it is allowed to drive up to that parking lot. You are allowed to walk to it, but for sure do not go further than the signs tell. It is absolutely forbidden to walk up the hill to the sign. You will get arrested for it.

LA hollywood sign schild not a through st

Startpunkt: Franklin Ave. welche von Highland Ave. (Richtung 101) oestlich abgeht. Die Highland Ave. geht auch ab vom Hollywood Blvd. (um die Ecke vom Walk of Fame). Start: Franklin Ave. going East from Highland Ave.
Auf der Highland Ave. bitte sich auf der rechten Spur halten. Auf der Franklin Ave. faehrt man nun sicherlich knapp 2 Meilen. Alsbald stosst man links auf BEACHWOOD DRIVE. Hier bitte links abbiegen. Man fährt durch ein Wohngebiet mit
mehreren Stoppschildern. Haltet euch bitte an der Hauptstrasse. Schon von hier sieht man das Hollywood Sign durch die Bäume "blinzeln".
Bald sieht man zur Rechten eine Flagge/ein Schild mit "Hollywood Land". Das Gebaeude dazu aehnelt einem Turm (graue Fassade/Steine).
Ab hier sind die Stoppschilder gezaehlt und faengt nun an mit dem

If you are coming from Hollywood Blvd. going North on Highland Ave., just stay on the right lane in order to turn soon right on Franklin Ave. (going East). Stay on the left lane as you have to turn left after not even 2 miles on Beachwood Drive.
If you turned on Beachwood Drive you can already see the Hollywood sign lurking through the trees. Do not neccesseraly stop for a pic.... You will get closer to it. Go straight on Beachwood driving over 2 stop signs when you reach “Hollywood Lane” recognizable through the grey “gate” with a flag sayging “Hollywood Land”. It looks like a tower. From here count the stop signs:

1st Stop Sign:
Die Strasse gabelt sich etwas. Das bedeutet nun, dass man der Strassenführung folgen soll indem man leicht links geradeaus weiterfaehrt. Bitte nicht ganz links in die naechste Strasse abbiegen.  
The street is a Y-street. Turn left here without going into the street left, but straight.

Es geht weiter auf Beachwood Drive. You are still on Beachwood Drive.

2nd Stop Sign:
Links abbiegen auf Ledgewood Drive. Die Strasse wird sichtlich enger. Bitte auf Gegenverkehr achten. 
Turn left on Ledgewood Drive. This narrow street leads you up the hill. Watch the coming traffic.

3rd Stop Sign:
Hier einfach der Strassenfuehrung folgen. Es geht bergauf! Follow the street up the hill.

4th Stop Sign:
Huegel (auch Haus) vor einem. Es gabelt sich hier etwas. Rechts sieht man eine steile Strasse.
Bitte nicht am Huegel ganz links abfahren, sondern nur links am Huegel vorbei/der Strasse folgend hochfahren.
In front of you is a hill, it is a Y-street again. Stay left going up the hill, do not turn in the street left of you. Keep going up the hill.

5th Stop Sign:
Weiter hochfahren, Strasse schlengelt sich.Oben angekommen sieht man rechts einen Weg wo es links am Huegel sandiger
wird. Ein gelbes Schild besagt "No access to hollywood sign" (siehe oben das allererste Foto). Bitte sich ruhig verhalten, um nicht die Anwohner zu veraergern. Sollte Polizei oder Park Ranger vor Ort sein, dann am Besten nicht weiter als das Schild fahren. Ich ueberlasse es jedem selbst, da parken hier oben recht schwer sein kann aufgrund Wohnviertel.
Go up the hill, it goes serpentine. If you reached the top, you see to your right a sandy street and also the signs saying no access to the Hollywood Sign. Here it is your choice if you wanna drive further as it is not allowed to do so, but many do it. You can get a ticket for it if a Park Ranger or Police is present. This area is residental, so please respect that.

Bitte nicht zum Hollywood Sign hochlaufen. Sensoren alarmieren die Ranger. Fuer ein gutes Foto läuft man den sandigen Weg weg vom Hollywood Schild. Oben an der Ecke geht man den Huegel ein Stueck hoch und hat somit das Hollywood Sign gut im Blick. Nun laesst man sich mit dem Sign im Ruecken fotografieren indem der sog. Fotograf von unten und am besten in gebueckter Haltung, ein Foto macht. Das Sign ist gut und gross hinter einem sichtbar.
Do not walk up the hill to the sign as it is forbidden. There are detectors everywhere. If you want to have a picture with you and the sign, just go right up the hill (sandy way and through a barrier), away from the sign. Keep the sign in your back. At the corner, get up the hill and turn. The photographer has to stay downstairs and has to knee down to get a better pic from you with the sign. Try it out. If you got it, you will get a picture like the one below.

Hollywood Sign close up w friends

The land left from the Hollywood Sign was in danger.
Short story:
Howard Hughes owned the land to build a home for himself and his wife. His wife left him as she thought that he is going to keep her in the house as he went crazy. The land was sold then and today it was owned by a company which found out in probably 2009/10 that they own it. They kinda forget about that land till now. They put it on the market for more than 20 Mio Dollars. This land would be used for luxury homes. Tom La Bonge, City Councilman, who is also the “Father” of Griffith Park, asked for donations in order to save the peak. Los Angeles was not in the position to pay the whole amount. The company offered the land to the City for about 12 Mio. Dollars and gave them a deadline to get the money together. The city was not able to pay the whole amount so that they asked for donations. Facebook fans donated, stars donated, but Hugh Hefner paid the most amount in the very last minute and saved the peak!!!!

  Hollywood Sign SaveThePeok 13012010 02 Hollywood Sign SaveThePeok 13012010 01

Another spot for a great view of the Hollywood sign including the start of a hiking trail

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Hike to the Hollywood Sign
view of the sign from behind

April 3, 2011
I have started this hike from Beachwood Drive / Sunset Ranch Stables which is called “Hollyridge Trail” what also then leads into Mt. Lee Drive. This will lead you to the Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee where you can view the sign from behind. Of course, you cannot get to the letters but you will be like 30 feet away from them. On the way up to Mt. Lee, you will have a view over Los Angeles and the Valley.
I parked my car on the streets just before the sandy way which leads to the trail or rather to say, to the horse stables. There is also parking just before the ranch Go up on the sandy street and you will see some parking. Be informed that a lot of hikers/runners and people with their dogs like to use these trails as well.

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CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 01

This is today’s goal! Wann hike up to the sign and stand there where the arrow below shows.
CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 04

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 02

View of Los Angeles
CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 05

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 06

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 07

View of the Valley
CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 08

My favorite place to be ... Where the dreams come true ...
The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 09

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 10

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 11

The trail isnt in a good shape. Sometimes the city brings up some officials by car to see the sign from behind. I wonder how they manage to get up here. By helicopter maybe?
CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 12

And here we are!!!
Up on Mt. Lee just behind the fence where the Hollywood Sign is!!!

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 13

Lake Hollywood
CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 14

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 15

CA LA Griffith Park HollywoodSignHIKE 16

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