“It might be too late to change the world, but never too late to see it”


Michael Jackson ist am 25. Juni 2009 in Los Angeles an Herzversagen verstorben! Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009.

MJ’s home in Bel Air where he died. - 100 Carolwood Drive (just off Sunset Blvd.)

MJ home 07

MJ Home 100 Carolwood Drive_Bel Air 01 MJ Home 100 Carolwood Drive_Bel Air 02

MJ home 08

MJ Home 100 Carolwood Drive_Bel Air 03 

MJ home 01

MJ home 02

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MJ home 05

Hollywood Blvd. - MJ’s Star

MJ Death 02

MJ Death 01

MJ Death 03

MJ Hollywood Blvd 01

MJ Hollywood Blvd 02

MJ Death 04

MJ Death 05 handschuh

                                                    for his birthday on August 29, 2009
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MJ Hollywood Blvd gifts

Making money out of his death
MJ Hollywood Blvd. 03

MJ imitator Hollywood Blvd. 02

MJ imitator Hollywood Blvd. 01   MJ imitator Hollywood Blvd. 03

MJ LA Downtown Los Angeles Theatre MJ RIP 07082009


Holly Terrace
Michael Jackson’s Grave

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 1712 S. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205

MJ Grab 01

Entering from Glendale Ave. Drive through the gate, go up the hill, go the second street left (up on the hill) and then right. A bit downhill you see to your right the big building where it says above the door “Holly Terrace”.

MJ Grab 02

MJ Grab 03

This is the building where MJ is also burried. There is no way in to see his actual grave. There is a plae right of “Holly Terrace” where you can leave flowers, gifts and letters.

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